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Introduction To The Best Heavy Duty Pry Bars on The Market

A pry bar, also called a crowbar or a wrecking bar, is a simple yet versatile tool that is an essential purchase for both professionals and do-it-yourself tool owners.  Pry bars are necessary for a multitude of tasks such as opening a crate, demolishing drywall, removing deck boards, prying nails from lumber, separating two pieces of wood, leveraging a heavy object into place, and breaking loose stubborn bolts and screws.


Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Best Pry Bar Tools With Reviews Available Today…

Best Seller:
Average User
# 1
Stanley 55-136 36-Inch
Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 2
Stanley FatMax Xtreme
55-120 FuBar III
4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

# 3
TEKTON 3324 18-Inch
Wrecking Bar
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 4
Stanley 55-515 12-3/4-inch
Wonderbar Pry Bar
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 5
Crescent DB18X 18-Inch Indexing
Flat Pry bar Red/Black
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

What Is a Pry Bar?

A pry bar is generally a metal or titanium mini bar with both ends flattened and a curve on one end.  One or both ends sometimes have a small notch used for removing nails. The ends are flattened in order to fit into small crevices.  Most pry bars are made with high carbon steel, but some may be made of other materials such as titanium or aluminum.  The traditional pry bar shapes are either round (cylindrical) or hexagonal, but manufacturers are continually trying new shapes as the use of this tool becomes more varied. 

The length of pry bars varies greatly, from 8 inches to 36 inches, depending on the purpose and use of the pry bar.  Carrying a multitude of sizes gives you maximum versatility.  Pry bars work using the scientific principal of leverage to separate two items, whether those items are nails from lumber, tiles from a floor, baseboards from walls, or carpet staples from flooring.  The type of job you’re doing and the level of portability you need will determine the size, shape, and type of pry bar that will work for you. 

 Stanley 55-136 36-Inch Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar

The Best Stanley Wrecking Bar

Stanley 55-136 36-Inch Ripping Bar

The Stanley 55-136 is a classically shaped pry bar with one of the longest sizes – 36 inches!  With its hexagonal shape, massive length, and high carbon steel construction, this Stanley 55-136 is designed for demolition.  It has a polished beveled chisel end and polished slotted claw for improved performance.  This pry bar is designed to withstand wear and because of that, Stanley offers a limited lifetime warranty on this tool. 

This pry bar weighs in at 5.5 pounds to give the user a lot of power.  The yellow powder coating on the end improves visibility on the job site.  This is a classically shaped, all-purpose pry bar with a solid warranty.


 Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III

stanley fatmax xtreme fubar

Stanley FatMax 55-120 FuBar III

The Stanley FatMax 55-120 FuBar is referred to by some reviewers as the excalibur of all pry bars.  Indeed it boasts features that earn it this title.  At 30 inches and over eight pounds, this pry bar has the maximum power capacity for any job.  The FuBar has textured grip for increased control and comfort. 

The Stanley FuBar is rated for superior leverage and is precision balanced for maximum striking power.  This pry bar has a two-tier jaw (board grabber) for various sized lumber.  Extra features include a sledge hammer face, hydrant wrench, and gas shut off wrench, making it a great choice for first responders and creating an 8 in 1 demolition tool. The manufacturer refers to the FuBar is the ultimate multi-purpose demolition crowbar. 

 TEKTON 3324 18-Inch Wrecking Bar

Best Pry Bar

Tekton 3324 18-Inch Wrecking Bar

The Tekton 3324 comes in a 12-inch or 18-inch length.  Both lengths are forged in a hexagonal shape for increased strength and grip.  The hexagonal shape is coated with a durable enamel finish to resist rust and corrosion.  The chisel end is sharp and precisely machined to slide into the smallest crevices and cracks.  The hook on the end is designed for high leverage and deep nail slot to remove the toughest nails. 

At 18 inches and just ender two pounds, this pry bar is easily portable while still maintaining the strength for tough jobs.  But for increased portability, the 12 inch model is an option.  This pry bar has the traditional pry bar shape with a hook end with a nail slot and the flattened bevel chisel on the other.


Stanley 55-515 12-3/4-inch Wonder Bar Pry Bar

Stanley Pry Bar

Stanley 55-515 Pry Bar

The Stanley 55-515 Wonder Bar is a wonderfully portable small pry bar.  At only 12 inches in length and less than two pounds, the Wonder Bar is at the smaller end of the spectrum of pry bars.  However, it has features that make it more useful than many of the larger models. 

This model features nail slots at both ends for quick and easy nail removal.  The contoured shape and shorter length makes scraping much easier and makes this product perfect for jobs such as tile and grout removal.  This small bar is forged from high carbon stainless steel for durability and strength.  The yellow powder coating on the contoured end increases visibility.  This shape of pry bar is also referred to as a flat bar and is especially useful on jobs such as removing roof shingles whether the flat ends and smaller size make it an essential tool. 

Crescent DB18X 18-Inch Indexing Flat Pry Bar

Flat Pry Bar

Crescent 18-Inch Flat Pry Bar

The Crescent DB18X 18-inch flat pry bar is a unique pry bar in that the head indexes, or rotates, 180 degrees into 16 different locking positions in order to provide the user with a multitude of leverage and access choices.  This indexing head also features a raised striking surface for demolition – allowing the user to loosen and penetrate surfaces without switching tools to a hammer.  The multi-functional head also features a nail slot for nail removal.

The two-toned rubber grip of this pry bar is designed for comfort, control, and safety.  The rubber grip is a unique find on pry bars which are usually only gripped on the metal with which the rest of the pry bar is constructed.  This pry bar with its rotating head was designed with input from industry professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  At 18 inches and 3 pounds, this tool is a good size for portability.  However, if more power is needed, a 30-inch model is also available, weighing in at 4 pounds. 

Stanley 55-525 15-inch Super Wonder Bar Pry Bar

Stanley Wonder Pry Bar

Stanley 55-25 Pry Bar

The Stanley 55-525 Wonder Bar is the big brother to the 12 inch Stanley 55-515 Wonder Bar discussed above.  This Wonder Bar boasts three additional inches and few improved features to make a more powerful and versatile.  The increased length provides more leverage and reach, but makes it slightly less portable than its little brother, the 55-515.  In addition, the 55-525 has an arched center for increased leverage and eliminating the need for a wood block for nail pulling, a feature not seen on many pry bars. 

This pry bar also features a sharply angled end for precise positioning.  It also works as a panel lift.  Every feature on the pry bar seems designed for maximum leverage in prying in a smaller package.  At two pounds in weight and a lifetime warranty, this tool is a great choice for someone seeking maximum prying capacity in a smaller package. 

Estwing GP-18 Gad Pry Bar, 18″

Estwing Pry Bar

Estwing Gad 18 Inch Pry Bar

The Estwing GP-18 pry bar is designed for the unique purpose of prying rocks apart or chipping and breaking rock although it can be used for other purposes.  At 18 inches and forged of solid one-piece steel, this pry bar is powerful, but it is also designed with two multipurpose polished hammer faces. 

This pry bar features a point at one end for heavy duty rock work and a pry wedge at the other end.  Only weighing just over one pound, it is easily portable, but that one-piece steel construction makes it very powerful.  With the hammer faces, it can be used as a carpenter’s hammer in a pinch.  This pry bar was made in the U.S.A.

Stanley 55-102 24-inch FatMax Wrecking Bar

Stanley FatMax Wrecking Bar

Stanley 55-102 24 Inch Wrecking Bar

The Stanley 55-102 is a 24 inch, bright yellow pry bar that features as larger cross-sectional area (middle bar width) than other models.  In addition, the bar is made of tri-lobe construction with forged recesses for greater comfort and grip.  The prying end is flat and u-shaped to provide a more stable base and less damage during movement.  This Stanley pry bar also has an additional slot for pulling nails, enabling it remove any size nail from 2d to 20d.

At 4.3 pounds and 24 inches, it is a medium to larger sized power horse pry bar.  The bright yellow coating provides increased visibility. 

TEKTON 3305 7-1/2-Inch Utility Pry Bar

Tekton Utility Bar

Tekton 3305 7 1/2 Inch Pry Bar

The Tekton 3305 provides the ultimate in portability at 7.5 inches.  It can fit in any tool belt or tool box.  However, this model is also available in 12 inches and 15 inches for increased power.  This Tekton is a versatile, all-purpose bar with a broad, flat end and a high-leverage rocker end.  Those ends feature thin, sharpened chisel tips to slip into the tightest cervices and cracks.  The three nail slots (one on each end and one in the middle) allows the user to reach nails at any angle.

Made of high-strength and heat treated steel, this pry bar is a lot of strength in a small package.  The enamel finish resists rust and corrosion.  This model is designed to be especially useful in trim and cabinet work.  The Tekton, weighing only 4 ounces, will be one of the lightest workhorses in your tool collection!

DEWALT DWHT55518 13-Inch Spring Steel Flat bar

Dewalt Flat Bar

Dewalt DWHT55518 13 Inch Steel Flat Bar

The Delwalt 13-inch pry bar is made of spring steel for strength and durability.  It features an extra wide prying end to enable you to really get a grip on or under the surfaces you’re trying to move or remove. The beveled end is pointed for increased penetration and this model has 3 nail slots located in different places on the tool to access nails in a multitude of locations.

At 1.2 pounds and 13 inches, it is a lightweight, multipurpose tool. Dewalt tools feature a limited lifetime warranty. 

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