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Introduction To The Top Rated Work Site Radios For The Money.

jobsite-radioEveryone knows that no matter what the job might be, a little music can make the work day go by more quickly and more easily!  As tools have developed as technology has improved, so has our ability to listen to music at the worksite.  Once upon a time, in order to hear music at work, you had to drag out a boom box that wouldn’t last long in harsh working conditions or pull your truck up close and crank up the radio, hoping the battery doesn’t go dead!   Now technology has given us a multitude of options for the best job site radio making music with far better sound than we ever imagined.

Best work site radios are first of all built for durability.  A work site can be a pretty harsh environment with sawdust flying everywhere, the potential for something heavy to fall on top of your music source,  and the possibility of water damage or humidity.  Today’s job site radios offer a range of durability features including rubber or plastic bumpers or casing, rain/water resistance or other weatherproofing, shock absorbing end caps or construction, grills covering speakers, weather sealed compartments, roll-cage design, and dust resistance.

Another element to consider is how your job site music source is powered.  Many job site radios are cordless now, using 18 volt rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries, but others offer a corded option in order to plug in the radio if the batteries are not charged or have run down.     

Work environments are loud, so sound quality and sound power are also important considerations.  In addition, users must consider what type of music they’ll most often play:  Radio?  Music from an MP3 player, iPod, or smartphone?  XM Satellite Radio?  How will you connect devices to your radio: Bluetooth?  USB? AUX cable?  Should they be able to charge your device?  How about provide an additional outlet to run power tools?  If they run on batteries, do they accept the same battery packs as your power tools?  That can be an added helpful feature! What is the best job site radio? 

Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Best Job Site Radios With Reviews Available Today…

Best Seller:
Average User
# 1
ION Audio Job Rocker (iPA30)
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

# 2
Milwaukee Electric Tool 2792-20
M18 Job Radio/Charger
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

# 3
Milwaukee 18V 2890-20
M18 Job Site Radio
3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)

# 4
MAX Worksite Charger Radio
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

# 5
Sangean TB-100 (Toughbox) AM/FM/AUX-In
Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning
Rechargeable Radio
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

# 6
Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion
Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

# 7
Makita XRM04B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion
Cordless Bluetooth Job Site Radio
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

# 7 Makita XRM04B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Bluetooth Job Site Radio

Makita 18v bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Makita Lithium-Ion Bluetooth Stereo

The Makita XRM04B is a heavy duty cordless radio that offers a lot of bells and whistles along with a lot of sound in a small package!  Weighing just over 10 pounds, the Makita is easily carried from site to site.  Its frame, measuring 7 inches x 12 inches x 13 inches, features water-resistant construction and is covered in protective bumpers for durability.  Despite its compact size, this FM radio has a multitude of helpful features including both an auxiliary port and USB port for attaching different smartphones or music players (USB port charges phones in addition to playing music from the phone) and Bluetooth capacity to connect to your smartphone or music device (such as an iPod) wirelessly. 

A fully functional clock with alarm settings including a snooze button adds a versatile set of additional uses to this device. Two side-firing 3.5” speakers deliver powerful sound and the radio is powered by your choice of several types of batteries including slide or pod batteries – a 7.2 volt battery or an 18-volt fast charging battery that has 20 hours of run time. 

# 6 Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger

Bosch Construction Site Radio

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Jobsite Radio with Charger

The Bosch PB360S is a heavy duty radio and is an approximately 16-inch cube (16 inches tall, wide, and long), but weighs a whopping 25 pounds.  While it is a bit on the heavy side, this device packs a lot of features into this powerful cube of sound!  The AM/FM radio offers 5 preset stations for quick access.  The four speakers plus a bosch subwoofer speakers broadcast sound in all directions- 360 degrees of premium sound!  Four power outlets allow the Bosch to be used as a power strip to plug in tools or other items. 

The weather-resistant design features a rubber and aluminum roll cage on all four sides, providing maximum protection.  In addition to the radio, this Bosch has a number of ports to play music from a number of different devices.  These ports include a USB port (which also acts as a smartphone charger), SD slot, and two auxiliary ports.

This radio runs off Bosch 14.4V-18V lithium-ion batteries which can be charged with the unit’s built-in battery charger.  The device also comes with a 12-volt DC adapter with a six-foot cord to plug the unit into a power outlet when batteries run out or are unavailable. 

# 5 Sangean TB-100 (Toughbox) AM/FM/AUX-In Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Rechargeable Radio

Sangean Digital Tuning Radio

Sangean Digital Tuning Radio

The Sangean TB-100 is super portable at just under seven pounds, measuring 7 inches by 9 inches by 11 inches.  This Toughbox features rain/shock/dust resistance and impact-resistance and boasts best-in-class radio reception with a pivoting antennae and backlit LCD display for easier viewing.  The AM/FM radio can be preset with up to ten stations (5 FM/5 AM).   An auxiliary port provides a means to connect external devices such as iPods, iPhones, or MP3 players. 

This device is powered with four rechargeable or alkaline C batteries.  The C batteries will be recharged when the radio is plugged into a power outlet via the AC power cord.  This 2.7-meter rubber cord can be rolled up and stored on the back of the unit to prevent tripping. 

# 4 DEWALT DCR015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger Radio

Dewalt 12v Worksite Radio

Dewalt 12v/20v Worksite Stereo 

This versatile and easily portable jobsite radio only weighs 13 pounds and measures 16 inches by 11 inches by 13.4 inches.  The DEWALT DCR015 hosts two AC power outlets to allow it to serve as an additional power strip or cord.  Choose between 12V and 20V rechargeable battery packs or use the AC power cord to plug into an outlet. (Battery packs sold separately).   Battery packs charge in 90 minutes or less on the unit’s built in charger.  A charging light bar indicates charging status. 

This device features a class D amplifier for improved sound and weather-resistant dewalt speakers.  Other durability features include a roll cage and a device storage box to protect electronic devices such as phones or iPods.  Roll cage serves double duty as a convenient handle for easy portability. 

USB port allows your phone or music player to charge when the radio is plugged into an AC outlet.  USB port and auxiliary port can be used to play music from a phone or music player, such as an iPod. Device comes with a one-year free service contract and a limited three-year warranty. 

# 3 Milwaukee 18V 2890-20 M18 Job Site Radio

Milwaukee Jobsite Stereo

Milwaukee 18v Job Radio 

The Milwaukee M18 features dual speakers with loud, clear sound in a highly portable unit.  Weighing 10 lbs. and with measurements of 8 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches, this device can travel to any jobsite easily!  The dual speakers are covered with metal speaker grills and shock absorbing end caps provide additional protection.  The handles are integrated into the design for easy transport and easy storage (no handles to stick up awkwardly). 

The AM/FM radio holds 10 station presets and has a customizable equalizer.  A USB port allows you to charge a  phone or music player while also using it to play music through the unit.  This USB port is located in a weather-sealed compartment to protect your phone or other device. In addition, the M18 has an auxiliary port for wired playback.

This radio can be powered by rechargeable M18 Redlithium batteries or AC power (cord included).  Unit runs up to 12 hours with an M18 5.0Ah battery (not included).  Important to note:  the unit will not charge the battery.  If you want to use the cordless option, you will have to separately purchase a battery and a charger. 

# 2 Milwaukee Electric Tool 2792-20 M18 Job Radio/Charger

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio

Milwaukke Electric Job Radio

This Milwaukee radio packs more features into its 17 pound frame.  Unlike the 2890-20 model, this heavy duty radio quickly and conveniently charges the M18 battery packs when using the AC power cord.  Another added feature is Bluetooth capability, allowing the user to stream music from his phone or other device from up to 100 feet away from the unit.

Reinforced roll cage and large weather-sealed storage compartment for small items or smartphones are extra safety and protection features.  Within that compartment lies a USB port to charge your phone or other device or connect the device to the unit in order to play music.  Two AAA batteries and a 16” auxiliary input cord are included. 

The AM/FM radio offers 10 preset stations and a customizable equalizer.  A built-in bottle opener is an extra feature this device provides.   Measurements are 12 inches by 12 inches by 15 inches.   

# 1 ION Audio Tailgater Active (iPA30ABK) 

best work site radio

ION Heavy-Duty Bluetooth Speaker Radio

When you care about the quality of sound, the ION Job Rocker is an excellent choice.  Its large size gives it the capacity to project a lot of sound even in noisy environments.  The durable wooden cabinet provides the best in acoustics while also being a renewable resource.  The unit features large, rubberized buttons and controls that can be easily utilized even while wearing gloves. 

Integrated handles and corner bumpers help protect the unit at the work site.  Chrome-plated steel handles make it easier to carry and at 26 pounds, that assistance is helpful!  A full-length metal grill helps protect the speaker from dust and debris.

The built-in battery provides up to 50 hours of use with a single charge-that’s over a full week of work hours.  Bluetooth capability allows you to connect a music player or smartphone to the unit and wirelessly stream music up to 100 feet away.    The AM/FM radio has six present stations and a rubber antenna for improved reception.  Two extra AC power outlets are on the unit to assist you in your job.  An auxiliary cable allows for an alternate form of connecting a device in order to play music.  However, this unit does not have a USB port.

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