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Intro To The Best Work Gloves For Men and Women on The Market


Our hands are the most valuable and frequently used tools in the workplace. Selecting the best work gloves is essential in protecting these valuable tools from the hazards they may encounter with on the job. However, too often many people are not aware of why they need hand protection and how to select the best work gloves for their work. Wearing a wrong glove is often selected for a task, which risks injury to the user or a reduction in productivity.

The gloves worn must not only help one perform their task efficiently but also fit well and provide comfort to the user. To select the best work gloves, you can follow the following four steps after you view the chart:

The Top 7 Best Work Gloves With Reviews of 2017

Best Sellers:
Average User
# 1
Mechanix Wear Material4X Original
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

# 2
Mechanix Wear Impact
Pro Gloves Black
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

# 3
Mechanix Wear CG Leather Utility
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

# 4
Mechanix Wear Women's
Material 4X
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)

# 5
Mechanix Wear
Material4X M-Pact
4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

# 6
Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves
- Women's
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

# 7
Mechanix Wear Tactical
MultiCam M-Pact
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)


1. Identify The Potential Hazards

By identifying the hazards your hands might be exposed to while executing your task, will make choosing the right work gloves an easier task. The potential hazards can be classified under five chief categories:

Chemicals- These are harmful to your hands because most of them might have adverse effects on your skin and health once they come into contact with the skin.

Scratches, Abrasions, and cuts- these are hazards that are potentially caused by shrill edges and rough surfaces. You wear gloves to protect your hands from getting cut or scratched by such surfaces.

Electrical Power- these are hazards caused by exposure of bare hands to electric current.

Pathogens, bacteria, and viruses- These hazards are infectious agents that are usually found in body fluids, blood, and other materials and liquid substances that might get into contact with your skin.

Temperature- These are hazards that occur when your hands are exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat. You wear gloves to prevent your hands from freezing or burning.

2. Assess The Material That Could Best Protect Your Hands From These Hazards
After identifying the potential hazards your hands might be exposed to, the next step is to choose the type of material that will suit your job. Pick the best material that will protect your hands against the dangers of the task you executes.

Do a simple research of the best work gloves that suits your task and work situations. There are work gloves that best protect you from chemical hazards, temperature exposure, electrical power, or any other hazard that you might be exposed to.

A majority of people have the mentality that the best work gloves are made of leather, especially cowhide. However, different hazards call for different materials. However, gloves made from leather are popular because of their durability and flexibility. But they might not be the best for protecting your hands from high temperatures as leather retain heat and may burn your skin.

It’s good to research the work gloves that best suit your condition.

3. Select The Best Work Gloves Available In The Market

Having decided on the type of material that best suit your working conditions, you can proceed to select work gloves from the available options in the market. The common types of work gloves include:

Aluminized Gloves- These are designed to protect your hands from intense temperatures. They are made from metallic (aluminized) material and are commonly used by people who work in conditions that involve handling hot or molten materials.

Disposable Gloves- These are created with lightweight plastics and are used to protect your hands against minor irritants.

Chemical Resistance Gloves- These type of gloves are used when working with diluters, corrosives, and oils. Having been made from a specialized chemical resistance material, chemical resistance gloves are designed to protect your hands from coming into contact with any chemical you might be working with. You can currently choose from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Natural rubber, Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Neoprene, Norfoil, Flouro-elastomer, Butyl, and Nitrile.

Leather Gloves- The leather work gloves are designed to help your hands avoid injuries that may be caused by rough surfaces. They are also extremely helpful if you are working with electrical power due to the insulated liner.

Fabric Gloves- These gloves are commonly used when grasping and handling slippery materials because of their ability to increase grip. Made of cotton blends or fabric, these gloves also protects your hands from mild cold or heat. They are also called String Knit Gloves.

Cut Resistant Gloves- These are commonly used when dealing with sharp instruments or cutting tools. They protect your hands from accidental scraped and cuts. The cut resistant gloves are frequently from Kevlar to offer additional resistance.

4. Identifying The Size Of The Work Glove That Fits You Best

Selecting your gloves should not end at the material that suits your work condition; it is also important to choose the work gloves that fits your hand to ensure your hands’ dexterity is not compromised.

Having understood several things and consideration to make when buying gloves, here are the top eight gloves of 2017 that you can consider:

Lets Take a Look at The Best Rated Work Gloves On The Current Market:

1. Men’s Material4X Original

mens work gloves

Mens Material4x Original Work Gloves

These gloves protect your hands from abrasive building materials such a cinder blocks, copper pipe, rough-cut wood, and steel. Not only is Men’s Material4X Original tough, but also machine washable. The dense fiber used to make Material4X provides superior durability, consistent quality, greater tear strength, and higher abrasion resistance than standard synthetic gloves. They offer great versatility that enables one to handle a range of DIY projects, safely.

Features that makes it stands out

– The seamless materials that have been used to make Material4X offers greater tear resistance and abrasion resistance than the standard synthetic gloves

– It has thermoplastic rubber closure that has loop and hooks to provide a secure fit to your wrist

– It’s form-fitting material keeps your hands comfortable and cool while you work

– It is machine washable

– It is very affordable

2. Impact Pro

Impact Pro Work Gloves

Impact Pro Work Gloves

When the job requires power tools, then Impact Pro work glove is the best work glove for the task as it has anatomically shaped palm padding that absorb vibration and impact which consequently reduce hand fatigue. When handling heavy tools, this work glove offers added protection because of its Thermoplastic Rubber finger guards that provide impact resistance as well as abrasion-resistant knuckle that offers added protection so that you can work with confidence.

This work glove was designed for individuals who like to engage in hardcore DIY projects. They have a stretch elastic wrist closure to hold the glove in place.

Features that makes it stands out from the rest:

– It has anatomically designed palm padding that has an EVA foam to absorb vibration and shock from power tools

– The stretch elastic closure offers seamless fit to your wrist

– The abrasion resistant knit band offers additional protection

– The Thermoplastic Rubber around the fingers area protects one from abrasion and impact injuries

– It is machine washable

– The patented impact guard protect the first knuckle

3. Men’s CG Utility Gloves

Mens Utility Work Gloves

Mens Utility Work Gloves

If you need a glove that is easy to put on and off, then Men’s CG Utility Gloves is for you. Its versatile open cuff makes wearing and removing it easy. The palm reinforcement and leather fingertips make it durable. The CG Utility work glove has a stretch elastic closure that makes it fit on your wrist as well as breathable TrekDry that conforms to the back of the hand to keep it cool while you work.

It is ideal for handling an array of projects at home.

Outstanding features of the CG Utility Gloves include:

– Stretch elastic cuff to provide easy on and off flexibility when handling different tasks

– The fingertips area is made of pure leather which offers added durability

– It is machine washable

– The TrekDry conforms to the back of the hand to keep your hand comfortable and cool while you work

– The palm area has genuine leather to offer long-term reinforcement.


4. Women’s Material4X

Womens work gloves

Women’s Material4X Work Gloves

The Women Material4X work glove is designed to protect your hands when tackling endless task and DIY projects at home. Having been made from flexible synthetic leather, the durable Material4X protects your palms and fingers from scratches and injuries without hindering your ability to pick up items and hand tools. The rollover fingertips prevent frustrating blow-outs so that you can dig into your garden with confidence. This glove has a breathable TrekDry to keep your hands cool especially during the sauna-like days.

Outstanding Features

– They have extended elastic closure on the wrist area to give the glove a secure fit

– This work glove delivers greater tear resistance and higher abrasion resistance than the standard synthetic gloves

– The TrekDry material keeps your hands comfortable and cool on hot days

– The rollover fingertips fitted on the ring and middle finger improves the gloves durability.

– It is anatomically shaped on the palm padding to absorb impact and reduce hand fatigue when working

– It is machine washable

– The Women’s Material4X has lightly padded knuckle that resists abrasion and impact thereby reducing soreness and pain of your hands when doing strenuous work

– Its two-piece palm design prevents material bunching when using saws, hammers, shovels, and other hand tools

5. Material 4X M-Pact

Strenuous hand work calls for a strong work glove and Material4X delivers exactly that. It provides seasoned DIY people and professional tradespeople with the full-coverage protection of their hands no matter how tough or rough the project might be. It is fitted with impact-resistant thermoplastic rubber on the area covering the back of your hand to protect you from knuckles to the tip of your fingers so that the missed hammer strikes don’t fall directly on your bare hands.

The open-cell palm padding helps to absorb vibration and impact when operating heavy machinery and power tools. It also reduces hand fatigue to enable you to work for longer. The internal layer of each finger is well-reinforced to extend the life of Material4X M-Pact with heavy use.


6. Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves

Best gardening work gloves

Bionic Gardening Gloves

If you are a woman who likes DIY projects or one who likes carrying out heavy duty works, then Bionic Rose are meant for you. Having been made from Cabretta Leather, this gloves stands out from the rest and is one of the best work gloves on the market for women. It offers enough flexibility to allow you carry various tasks, from pruning and shearing to digging your garden.

They are fitted with gauntlet cuff to protect your hands. The reinforced thumbs prevent any burs that may try to find their way, though. These gloves are made to suit people with dainty hands, and that’s why they are best suited for ladies.

Outstanding features

– They are machine washable

– They are made from Cabretta Leather which adds to their longevity

– They are highly flexible to enable you to hand grip any tool you might be working with

– They have a reinforced material on the thumb area to add grip

7. Mechanix Wear

best work gloves

Mechanix Wear Work Gloves

This work glove made by Mechanix is suited for anyone who is involved in handling heavy tools and vibrating machines. They have synthetic leather fingertips and palm, but the rest is made of two-way stretch spandex that has an interior layer which prevents your glove from snagging even when your hand is deep in an engine.

Its thin fabric enables you to hold bolts and nuts in place even in the most enclosed areas without getting caught up.

Outstanding features

– They have thin fabric that enables you to work even in enclosed spaces. It also makes the gloves highly flexible

– They are machine washable

– The synthetic leather which makes the palm and fingertips area make this glove durable


The Bottom Line: 

Even for the work gloves that are marked “one size fits all” the truth is that no one work glove is suited for every task or individual. Therefore, consider the requirements of the job before choosing the best work gloves for you. The right glove can be the difference between comfort and pain or functionality and usefulness. Choose the glove that suits your work from the above variety of best work gloves.

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