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Introduction To The Best Multi-Purpose Tool Bags

tool-bag-imageHaving a nice, reliable and safe bag to store your tools is very important. You get to have a peace of mind as you are assured of keeping track of all your important tool pieces without worry of misplacing any piece at the time when their use comes.

There are many tool bags brands you can settle for so that you get to enjoy the value of comfort that accompanies safe and orderly organization of the tools you intend to use. The most important thing you should watch out for is the quality of the bag material as this is the only way to which tool durability can be enhanced and defects kept at bay.

There are many tool bag manufacturing brands made in the USA. However, from our extensive reviews we believe that the following five-tool bag descriptions are the ones you should consider since they guarantee convenience. The choice to include these brands has been arrived at by looking at aspects such as the number of tools that can be accommodated, the fabric material composition of the bags, warranty period, and let’s not forget about the pricing factor. These tool bags are terrific, and the assurance is that owning any of them means that you can store any tool safe, organized and most importantly, easily accessible.

Comparison Table –  The Best Rated Tool Bags

Best Seller:
Average User
# 1
Stanley STST70574
12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

# 2
Custom Leathercraft L245
18 Dual Compartment Tool Bag
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

# 3
Ironland Multi-Purpose 12-Inch
Gate Mouth Tool Bag, Orange-Brown
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 4
Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro
Organizer Rolling Tool Bag
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

# 5
Veto Pro Pac Tech XL
Tool Bag, 1-Pack
4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

#5 Veto PAC XL Tool Bag Review

Veto Pro Pac XL

Veto PAC XL is a high-quality professional tool bag that boasts of huge storage capacity. It can accommodate over one hundred hand tools and the meaning here is that this tool bag gets to take care of most of your technical needs perfectly. There are two storage bays which are almost of similar size and are placed on both sides of this tool bag. The two compartment design consideration is advantageous as it enables the tools to be stored in a neat way meaning less time is taken whenever there is a need to access any tool.

There are as many 67 pockets for tool storage and this is one feature that is highly welcomed by persons whose professions may be demanding they carry many tools. Sixty-one of these pockets have a vertical tool storage orientation, and this is a good call since most tools need to be stored in a vertical manner. The fabric of this tool bag is heavy polyvinyl chloride material which has been given weatherproof treatment. The weatherproof feature is important as it provides excellent conditions for tool storage by eliminating weather factors which would otherwise interfere with tool operations. The existence of a shoulder strap makes this bag easy to carry and with a five-year warranty, Veto PAC XL promises to sort most of your tool storage needs.

#4 Klein 55452RTB Pro Organizer Tool Bag Review

Klein Tool Bag With Wheels

Klein Pro Organizer Tool Bag

Loading and unloading of tools are very simple in this tool bad. It has a reinforced metal frame at its top opening thereby helping it to stay open easily. There are twenty-four pockets available for tool storage, and this capacity works out great for persons with not so many tools to move around. Klein 55452RTB Pro Organizer has a weight of only 200 pounds, and the advantage of this is that the weight is very easy to move around.

The Klein tool bag with six wheels, and these are of benefit since they can work on almost any type of terrain. The interior section of this tool bag has been lined with an orange colored lining, and the benefit of this feature is that the orange background makes it very clear for tools to be spot and grabbed whenever their use arise.

#3 The Ironland Multipurpose Tool Bag Review

Multipurpose Tool Bag

The likable aspect about this tool bag is its fine and relatively huge dimension. It can comfortably hold many of the tools that are commonly used. The other advantage is that its fabric material has a weatherproof finish which makes it ideal for use in almost any kind of weather. The assurance is that any tools stored inside the Ironland multipurpose tool bag will be safe and free from any deteriorating weather elements.

It has a padded shoulder strap, and this ergonomic consideration gives comfort whenever this tool bag is carried. You don’t necessarily have to carry this tool bag on your shoulders. The shoulder straps can as well be removed, and carrying can then be done by using the other two little hand straps. The bottom section of this tool bag has been reinforced with a sturdy plastic fabric. The design consideration is important as it helps in keeping the tools safe in case there is a possibility of an accidental drop.

#2 Custom Leathercraft L245 18 Dual Compartment Tool Bag Review

Custom Leathercraft Tool Bags

Custom Leathercraft L245 18 Dual Compartment tool bag is a top pick and this we can attribute to its LED light feature. The LED lighting system allows for easier spotting of tools, and this virtually eliminates the need for using flashlights when in need of viewing the tools. The shoulder straps of this tool bag are padded, and this is advantageous as users won’t have to deal with the pain that accompanies carrying unpadded and loaded bags.

Custom Leathercraft L245 18 Dual Compartment tool bag dimensions are large 18Lx10Wx13H, and this means that lots of tools can comfortably fit. Buyers of this toolkit are treated to 90 days limited warranty, and this is great given that Custom Leathercraft L245 18 Dual Compartment doesn’t disappoint.

#1 Stanley 12 inch STST70574 Tool Bag Review

Best tool bag

Stanley 12″ Tool Organizer Bag

Stanley STST70574 tool bag has been designed for persons who fancy walking with only small hand tools. It is made of a durable fabric material which can bear much of the tool load. It is very simple in its design and it is possible to mistake it for another use after giving it an initial look. Still, Stanley STST70574 is a durable tool bag, and this is welcomed feature given that its price level is also favorable.

Carrying it around is also simple, and the thanks go to the two small hand straps which have been designed with ergonomic considerations. Of all the tool bags we have mentioned, it is Stanley STST70574 that is visually appealing the most and if this is one of the aspects which you are also after, and then you shouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase of this promising tool bag.


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