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Introduction To Emergency Kits! For Your Car / Truck / Rv – *Must Have This*

Be Prepared For Anything

Roadside emergencies are an inevitable thing in any road trip or ride and can occur at the most unexpected time. That’s why you need to include a car emergency kit as one of your car essentials.

Before you hit the road for a long ride, you probably check the condition of your car and the items you need to pack. A car emergency kit, also known as roadside assistance kit, should definitely be one of your car essentials that you need to check as you may encounter problems on the road. In the middle of your ride, your car might develop a hitch due to flat tires or empty batteries. You have to be prepared for such scenarios to avoid being caught off-guard.

You need to keep yourself all geared up with these emergency tools. However, it sometimes consumes more money and time to buy every component you may need to complete a roadside assistance kit. But through a car emergency kit available on Amazon, you can have everything that you need. We have compiled a buying guide for the best emergency kits for cars and trucks to help you out.

What to Look For In a Car Emergency Kit

The best emergency car kit will come with the most important items and should cater for all the needed essentials for survival including nutrition, warmth, hydration, and ability to stay safe in case you encounter an accident. These kits provide essential items such as water, first aid kits, and crucial tools to help you work on your car in case anything goes wrong in the engine.

Lets Get Down To Business and Look At Some Of The Highly Reviewed and Most Popular Car Emergency Kits In 2017.

Best Sellers:
Average User
AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

AAA (4388AAA) 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

First Secure 90 Piece Roadside Emergency Car
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit (66-piece)
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Car Emergency Kit (185-Pieces) with Survival Gear
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

#1 42-Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit by AAA Review

AAA is a renowned service for roadside assistance and insurance. However, their dispatched tow truck partners have a tendency of taking too long to get to you, whenever you are stranded. But that one side, they have come up with a comprehensive kit that is geared towards automotive. It includes items such as heavy duty booster cables, a 250 psi air compressor, a few tools, and even general auto accident forms, in case you need them. It also has a flashlight with batteries, duct tape, a safety vest, a first aid kit, screwdriver, fuses, and an AAA car care guide. Basically, the 42-Piece Roadside Assistance Kit by AAA is a complete emergency kit that’s great with car troubles.

While the first aid kit of this emergency car kit includes little pieces, this kit does provide you with an assortment of supplies for repairing small car breakdown issues such as a set of twelve fuses and jumper cables. At a reasonable price, 42-Piece Roadside Assistance Kit by AAA is a nice kit to put into your car trunk in case of emergencies. However, you might need to supplement it with a proper first aid kit.

The Pros of 42-Piece Roadside Assistance Kit by AAA

– It comes with an air compressor to help with flat tires

– Has a poncho for winter tire changes

– Auto accident forms from AAA are available

– Has a flashlight to enable you to repair at night

The Cons

– It lacks on survival pieces

– Has no tire patch kit

#2 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit by AAA Review

AAA’s emergency road kit are known for their comprehensive nature. If you ever get stuck with car problems, this is the best emergency kit to have. All its component come packed in a compact storage bag. A flashlight, jumper cables, screwdrivers, emergency poncho, electric tape, cable ties, and a first-aid kit. It also comes with accident and precaution guideline if ever you’re not familiar with precautions to take during a car breakdown.

This repair kit comes with all the essentials that you need to repair your car. The AAA brand gives you a bit of reassurance that this kit has quality tools. Included in the 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit by AAA are a small first aid kit complete with bandage, antibiotic ointment, first aid guide, gauze pads, and sting relief pads, emergency rain ponchos, jumper cables, an aluminum flashlight, an air compressor, work gloves, emergency warning triangle, a utility knife, screwdrivers, bungee cord, and shop cloths. Along with these items, you’ll also get an AAA car care guide as well as a catalogue for AAA roadside assistance

The Pros of 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit by AAA

– It comes with an air compressor to help with flat tires

– Has a poncho for rainy tire changes

– It has safety tools such as reflector vest, emergency warning triangle, and a stocked first aid kit

– It’s more complete than its predecessor

The Cons

– It lacks on survival items such as water

– No tow strap

#3 First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit Review

This kit is quite different from the first two because it incorporates a tire patch and tow strap kit. However, it lacks ponchos and blanket. The tire patch kit is more useful, especially if you experience a small puncture; you can patch your tire without visiting an auto shop. The flashlight piece in First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit is a headlamp meaning that both hands are free to repair the hitches. This multi-tool has more functionality, but might be harder to use in some areas of the car.

This kit also contains all the essential items that you need in case your car breaks down, including safety tool and accessories among other items. Notable about First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit is the absent thing in most emergency car kits- expanded first aid kit with 48 pieces, including a variety of bandages, gloves, a sling, antiseptic pads, safety pins, adhesive medical tape, and iodine prep pads.

Also included in this kit are plenty of crucial car repair supplies such as reflective warning triangle, jumper cables, a nine-piece multi-tool, bungee cords, an air compressor, a headlamp, a tire repair kit, and electrical tape.

The First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit does have several emergency situations catered for, and if you’ve got a family, then, the expanded first aid kit makes this roadside assistance kit even more valuable.

The Pros of First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit

– 10,000-pound tow strap

– Compact multi-tool

– It has an expanded first aid kit that comes with a separate carrying bag

– Comes with a tire patch kit

The Cons

– Lacks in any covering material such as blanket or poncho

– Has no essential items such as water

– No road flares

#4 Top Gear Premium Kit Review

This 66-piece emergency kit from Top Gear includes essential components that every car owner should have. From the users’ reviews posted on Amazon, everyone is praising how everything is well-packed in this emergency kit.

This emergency kit comes in different sizes, but the 66-piece gear is the only one that included most of the essentials that should always be in a roadside kit assistance kit needed to cater for any emergencies. All the 66 pieces included in this kit are contained neatly in a solid carrying case, making it easy to carry along with you.

Included in Top Gear Premium Kit are a reflective safety vest, a set of jumper cables, a hand charged LED flashlight (has no batteries, making it a handy equipment), safety cones, work gloves, a small first aid supply kit, and a multi-tool that allows one to free up space.

Other handy tools included in this roadside assistance kit are emergency survival blanket and emergency rain ponchos- these are perfect if you get stuck somewhere on a night or cold day and need a way to stay warm.

The Pros of Top Gear Premium Kit

– It’s one of the most comprehensive emergency kits on the market

– Come with a sizeable first aid kit; 34-piece first aid kit

– Although a little bit expensive than most of the kits on this list, it’s a great buy

The Cons of Top Gear Premium Kit

– It has no essential items

– Has no tire patch kit

#5 Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe Review

The Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe offers great roadside assistance kit option. Valued at a reasonable price, this emergency car kit is a relatively basic car kit that has virtually all the requirements, but it lacks some of the more advanced supplies and equipment that some of the other kits in its price range have.

This kit contains tools that you’ll need to jump your car, an ice scraper for helping in snowy weather when it might be a harder to snow out your car windshield, a utility knife, a basic flashlight, electrical tape, pliers, and a limited first aid kit.

While the small size of Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe makes it a nice choice when used as a spare or backup to keep in another car, it lacks a lot of supplies and equipment that are included in other kits. However, it’s a nice basic kit to purchase for those people who are not so much into car repairs as it does come with jumper cables as well as tow rope. If you are skilled in automotive repairs, we would recommend you to buy a more advanced kit. If you are pretty selective with what emergency kit to buy and yet has only limited budget, Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe is a great buy

The Pros of Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe

– It is an all-in-one kit to jump or tow your car

– Everything is well packed into one package

– It comes with a first aid kit

– Include practical items that you need in your car- flashlight, jumper cables, and ice scraper

– It’s compact and small in size

The Cons

– It lacks in many areas such as having a limited first aid kit

#6 Car Emergency Kit from AutoClubHero Review

If you want a more robust and comprehensive emergency car kit, then Car Emergency Kit from AutoClubHero is great option to consider. Not only do you get everything you might need to cater for minor automobile trouble, but this kit will also provide materials to motorists who are stranded in adverse conditions.

It includes things like waterproof matches, Mylar blanket and sleeping bag, toilet paper, hand warmers, as well as packaged food. The inclusion of water gives this kit an upper hand over all the previous kits we have reviewed in this post.

While the included items may not be of the highest quality, you will likely use them once or twice; after all, how many times will you find yourself stranded in an interior location without necessities? It’s possible for one or two individuals to get by for several days based on the supplies in this kit. This makes it a good choice for people who are going for cross-country journeys into unknown terrain.

The Pros of Car Emergency Kit from AutoClubHero

– It’s the only emergency kit on our list that includes emergency drinking water

– It comes with tire sealant

– Has a fire extinguisher

– It also has food bars, fire starter, hand warmers, and a sleeping bag

The Cons of Car Emergency Kit from AutoClubHero

– Has no air compressor

– It has no room for anything else when all items are included in it

– You might consider including a first aid kit since it’s not included

How Do You Choose The Right Emergency Kit For Your Car?

Consider the following factors;

Components- check what’s inside the kit? Are they useful and valuable items? Every kit is packed with different road tools that can be used in emergency cases. You have to determine first what you really need or what you think can be useful in the event of an emergency or car break down. This may include reflective vest, jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlights, utility knife, air compressor, and a lot more.

Portability- it should be an auto emergency kit, and therefore, you’ll be carrying it with you all the time, or most of the time. Therefore, check the kit that is well organized and most portable.

Price- consider your budget. Most kits are valued at a price that reflects the quality and quantity of the pieces in them. If you are on a limited budget, take time to research the kits in your price range. However, don’t go for a very cheap option as you’ll likely find out that the items are of poor quality

The Bottom Line

There you have it; a review of the top ranked and most popular car emergency kits. We hope that you’ll find the best roadside assistance kit that suits your car on this list. Compare them and pick the most suitable for your emergency needs.