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Introduction To Roof Racks For Kayaks & Bikes & More

As car designs continue getting smaller and smaller, trunk space is exceedingly shrinking significantly, to the annoyance of those who like going for camping and road hikes. Those who cannot afford trailers or dislike the heavy-duty 4 by 4 pickups are the most affected when planning for long road trips. However, instead of replacing your car or fitting a trailer, you can consider installing a roof rack; it’s both sustainable and affordable solution that will solve the problem of having small trunk space. Now available in numerous sizes and shapes, they mount conveniently in most vehicles. The heavy-duty materials used to make them are durable while their spacious designs can secure and accommodate cargo of all sizes and shapes. If you’re planning to upgrade your car, we can help you choose the best roof racks. But before we narrow down the top roof racks, here are several things you need to know about car roof racks;

Why Should You Buy A Roof Rack?

A roof rack allows users to carry sporting equipment such as kayaks and skies as well as other luggage on the roof of your car. Here are two major reasons why you need to fit a roof rack on your car;

Greater storage capacity– those who want extra storage space can add to their trunk capacity by adding a rugged roof rack. Roof racks can hold sporting equipment, extra luggage, or other types of camping gear. In addition, extra-large items such as bikes, and odd-sized items can easily be carried on a roof rack.

Versatility– a roof rack can be modified and personalized to fit your needs. Those who enjoy carrying most of their accessories can benefit from a roof rack. For instance, light brackets can be fitted with your car roof rack to light up the trail. You can also have spade and axe carriers mounted on your roof rack. Heavy duty spare tire can also be bolted on your roof rack. If you are a sports enthusiast, then a good roof rack can come in handy when it comes to packing for a trip.

Now, Let’s Get To The Main Business And Check The Top Best Roof Racks 2017

Best Sellers:
Average User
Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Yakima Rail Grab Kit (58" bars + 4 towers)
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Highland 1041900 U-Venture Steel Rooftop Cargo Basket
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Rage Powersports RLB-2301
Roof Rack Cross Bars
4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System
4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

#1 Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System Review

This one is designed to reduce the profile of the bars on your vehicle’s roof. Simply put, the Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System is compact and virtually silent.

The model is made of high-quality aluminum which is not only durable but looks sleek in design and looks stylish once it’s properly installed. The airplane wing-like design reduces drag which consequently reduces noise and economizes on fuel.

It includes bars, mounting hardware, and integrated towers.

What makes it on the best roof racks is because it accommodates almost all attachments and has a t-slot attachment for a bike, snow, water and cargo accessories.

It’s lockable with 2 SKS keys and locks included. This makes it convenient when traveling as you can lock your luggage safely.

Better yet, Yakima whisper flush bar roof-rack system has a maximum hauling load capacity of 75 kgs. (165.35 lbs.)

Pros of Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System

– Lockable

– Durable

– Reduces noise

#2 Yakima RailGrab Kit Review

If you want to complete your roof rack system, look no further as Yakima RailGrab Kit has all that you need. This is where effective functionality meets a modern look. With Yakima RailGrab Kit you’ll be receiving two 58-inch bars along with four towers that mount directly into your car rail system (assuming that your car has one). They are relatively low profile and thin, making them less striking as compare to similar models from other brands.

Install this kit if your car has flush-mounted or raised factory side rails to have uninterrupted fit. Weighing in at less than 17 lbs. means that they won’t bog your car’s roof down. You can use this type of roof rack to mount kayaks, bikes, cargo containers, or any luggage you may have.

The pros of Yakima RailGrab Kit

– This roof rack has garnered an amazing rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars

– It’s simple to use

– It’s relatively affordable

– It’s strong enough to hold heavy luggage and light enough not to bog down your car roof by any means

#3 Highland 1041900 U-Venture Review

With Highland 1041900 U-Venture, you get a long-lasting cargo basket that has an aerodynamic and sleek design that works well on most cars. Constructed using stainless steel, Highland 1041900 U-Venture quality design can be customized to accommodate heavy luggage weighing up to 125 pounds. Its ease of setup, assembly and removal benefits those who travel frequently. Besides, its angled windshield prevent drags.

When assembled, the Highland 1041900 measures 44 inches by 35 inches by 4.25 inches. It has a powdered coated frame that doesn’t corrode or rust easily. Its bars are stable with a 1-inch diameter.

The Pros of Highland 1041900 U-Venture

– They are strong enough to hold heavy luggage

– They have a basket shape meaning that they can hold even loose luggage

– It’s rust and corrosion resistant

– It has easy assembly and removal process

#4 Rage Powersports RLB-2301 Roof Rack Review

Known for its stability, the Rage Powersports RLB-2301 is a versatile roof rack that comes with reinforced steel crossbars. It also comes with rectangular-shaped design and sturdy side rails that accommodate equipment and bags that weighs up to 130 pounds.

With a unique clamp-on design, the Rage Powersports RLB-2301 is easy to assemble and install. You do not need any premium fittings or special tools to set it up on your truck, SUV, car, or van. These black themed roof rack comes fully assembled and is one of the highest rated roof racks on the market at the moment

The Pros of Rage Powersports RLB-2301

– It has a sturdy design that enables it to hold heavy equipment

– It’s easy to set up on your car

– They are black-themed making them less striking.

#5 SportRack SR1002 Complete Roof Rack System Review

SportRack SR1002 is made entirely of steel with a black plastic coating to prevent the harsh UV rays as well as rust. The roof rack is a universal fit and can fit any vehicle, but there might be an exception of some convertibles.

It’s easy to install with just a few components to assemble making it pretty straightforward.

For each SportRack system, it includes load bars, rack feet, support brackets, lock and keys and mounting hardware. The rack brackets included can be fitted in three distinct positions which depend on the shape of the rails. Better yet, they’ve been designed with special compression knobs to install without tools.

The SportRack SR1002 can be used to carry bikes. Cargo boxes, kayaks, and even other things with rack accessories in place.

The system has a maximum capacity of 130 lbs. which makes it a great choice if you’re on a tight budget but in need of a roof rack system.

This is a perfect solution for your vehicle if you’re in need of a roof racking system because it includes everything you need to mount two crossbars onto your vehicle.

Pros of SportRack SR1002

– Easy to install

– It’s a universal fit

#6 Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack Review

This roof rack is very popular with motor vehicle enthusiast thanks to its high-performance two-piece rack that has a convenient roof mounting design which works on most cars. Its two-piece rack design is easy to install. It’s lightweight and has expandable and large storage surface that will come as a blessing to campers.

Wherever you’re traveling with your team or family, Curt 18115 will offer sufficient storage space for your personal equipment and other luggage. It comes with universal mounting brackets that work on vans, sedans, and SUVs. It has an aerodynamic design that has an angled windshield to protect your luggage from being blown away when you are on the move. It has a height of 4 inches to secure your stacked luggage and equipment well.

The Pros of Curt 18115

– It has a basket design making your luggage secure; they won’t be blown away when you’re on the wheel

– It offers sufficient space to accommodate a wide variety of different luggage

– It’s strong enough to accommodate heavy loads

– It comes with universal mounting brackets that go with most SUVs, sedans, and vans

#7 Rage Powersports Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair Review

If your car has rails already pre-installed on the roof, this is the roof rack that you need. You can add on space by converting factory-installed roof side rails into a cross-bar style cargo rack. That way, you can mount multiple bikes, canoe, a kayak without causing any damage to you vehicles roof.

What’s more, you can easily deter theft by with a large adjustable clamp and lock.

The Rage Powersports Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair allows you to fit rails up to 50″ inches from one side to the other. Each bar contains 5/8″ rubber inserts which offer more grip. This combines well with an aluminum construction which makes its weight capacity to be 150 lbs. (150kg)

In terms of cost, the Rage Powersports Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair are perfect for you if your car has side rails.

The Pros of Rage Powersports Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair

– Lockable

– It’s adjustable

#8 Thule AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack Review

When it comes to premium branded car roof racks, AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack steps up. It has stylish and aerodynamic roof racks that solve the dragging problem of most roof racks. In most cases, you find your roof racks reducing your car fuel efficiency due to wind resistance, but with Thule’s AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack, this has been solved as they do has a roof rack with “airplane wing” styling.

These roof racks work on factory installed sliding rails which most SUV’s and most cars already have. If your car doesn’t have pre-installed sliding rail, you can get additional brackets that work well with non-rail roofs. Thule’s AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack are relatively cheap, and their longevity is what has made them become a popular choice for many drivers. They are not only fuel efficient but also reduce noise while on the go.

The Pros of Thule’s AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack

– The roof rack has received massive praise from happy customers and has garnered an incredible rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars

– It has an airplane wind-styled racks thereby improving your car fuel efficiency

– They are strong enough to accommodate heavier loads

#9 CargoLoc Roof Top Rack Review

CargoLoc Roof Top Rack is a lightweight rooftop rack that’s designed for vehicles with raised and sturdy cross bars specifically 52” crossbars.

What makes it one of the best car roof rack systems at its price is the load capacity of 150 lbs. However, the model fits on vehicles with specific SmartFoot fittings kits.

The model is lockable which makes it convenient when traveling with bags and kayaks.

Additionally, it comes with limited lifetime warranty that keeps all the parts and components covered.

What’s more, the Cargoloc Roof Top Rack is durable without being affected by weather.

The Pros of CargoLoc Roof Top Rack

– Lightweight

– Reduced wind resistance

– Easy to install

– Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

To Wind Our Best Car Roof Racks Review, Let’s Check The Types Of Roof Racks You Can Consider;

What Are The Various Types Or Roof Racks?

Roof racks are categorized based on the types of roofs they’re designed to fit. For instance, rain gutter racks feature rain gutters. Here are the main types of roof racks

Rain Gutters

These are some of the oldest roof racks designs and were common in the past because of lack of options by then. Although they are still on the market, these type of roof racks are mostly found in passenger vans and full-size cargo vehicles. They have a cross bar system that requires gutter foot packs and load bars.

Bare Roof

Most vehicles nowadays have bare roofs. Rack for bare roofs come with well-shaped rubber coated metal brackets and rubber bases that can be fitted to car roofs with varying contour profiles.

Flush Rail

This is a newer type of rail designs and was first introduced in Europe. The rails are flushed with the roofs meaning that there’s no space left between the rail and the roof of your car. Essentially, there’s no inner and outer groove to allow any connection of the cross bars to the system. They are not only functional but also upgrade the roof rack of your car.

Raised Rail

These are the most common roof rack on the market today. They are commonly fitted on SUVs, minivans, and wagons. A raised rail roof rack runs the length of a car from back to front and is held on the edges of the car’s roof. It’s quite simple to install. This roof rack offers versatility as the bars can be adjusted to accommodate different loads.


This rack run from the back to the front of your car and are held on the outer edged of your car roof. They are quite similar to the flush rail roof racks. They allow the cross bar system to be fitted wherever the bars are needed. Most cars come with installed roof racks. Installing these attachments require drilling, and therefore need a professional to install them.

Half Rails

Some cars come with two rails on the sides of them which run parallel on the sides of the car roof. This makes it possible to install a fully-functional roof rack by crossing the bars. You only need to buy a roof rack mounting kit.

Full Rails

A car with a set of rails and crossbars only need a roof rack to ride on top to complete the setup. Additional mounting hardware pack is needed to secure a proper fit.

The Bottom Line

We managed to give you the best roof rack in this review, and we believe that these are the best choices at the moment. We considered several factors such as quality of roof racks, their prices, and the customer reviews when coming up with this list, and therefore you can be assured that these are the best of the best. We hope you’ll find it helpful and you’ll find a suitable roof rack for your car on this list.