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Intro To Oil Catch Pans: Keeping the Mess in Check


Use an oil catch pan to make your life easier!

Not many jobs are messier than changing the oil in your car or truck.  The pros have lifts and custom tools that make it a breeze, but the Average Joe at home has to have the right to tools to keep an oil change from becoming a messy oil spill!  Oil drip pans prevent your work area from becoming a hazard.  Not only is draining the oil onto the floor or ground an environmental disaster, the slippery surfaces it causes can be a safety hazard as well.  Oil on the floor is an accident waiting to happen.  The right oil pan can keep your work area clean, safe, and free of hazards.

When selecting an oil drip pan (also called an oil catch pan or oil drip tray), size is the first consideration.  The oil drip pan must be large enough to hold the volume of oil that will flow from your engine when you change the oil.  Check your vehicle’s owner manual for the exact volume of oil that your car holds.  Select a pan or tray that will hold that amount.

Another consideration is the size of the opening.  A larger opening creates less mess when trying to aim the oil flow into the oil drip pan.  Other features such as wheels for easy movement, handles, caps and seals are all helpful in this endeavor.  Another size consideration is the height of the pan, whether it will fit under your vehicle or not.  Some lower profile vehicles may require flatter, lower profile oil drip pans. 

Any added features that prevent leakage are important as you are responsible for properly disposing of the oil that is removed from your vehicle.  The sturdiness of the material could play a factor in durability as well.  A plastic screen or metal grate over the opening can assist with catching the drain plug, oil filter, etc. 

Lets Take a Look At The Best Rated Oil Drip Pan Containers on The Current Market.

Best Sellers:
Average User
# 1
Lumax LX-1632 Black 15
Quart Drainmaster Drain Pan and Waste Oil Storage
4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

# 2
FloTool 42003MI Drain Container, 16 quart
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

# 3
Capri Tools CP21021 Portable Oil Drain Pan, Anti-Freeze, Black
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 4
Wedco 83230 Round Drain Pan-Open, 16 quart
4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

1. Lumax LX-1632 Black 15 Quart Drainmaster Drain Pan and Waste Oil Storage

best oil drip container

Lumax 15 Quart Drain Pain

The Lumax LX-1632 is made in the U.S.A.  This heavy-duty containing can hold 15 quarts of oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, or any other liquid.  The oil drain pan can also be used for waste oil and gas storage with its screw cap featuring an exclusive o-ring seal.  The large opening is 8 inches wide to prevent splashes and spills and features a catch-all basket covering the opening. 

The unit measures 19 inches by 16 inches by 5 inches, so it will work under even the lowest of profile vehicles.  The heavy-duty design also has a handy handle and two E-Z roll wheels for easy movement.  The large opening allows oil to enter the pan with no clean up on the top or sides of the unit.

The Lumax LX-1632 weighs 2.6 pounds is excellent for both storing oil and moving the oil to the proper disposal facility. 

2. FloTool 42003MI Drain Container, 16 quart

best oil drip pan

FloTool 16 Quart Drain Container

The FloTool 42003MI oil drip pan has two storage choices – upright or flat – with both providing protection from leaks. The design of this container also features an integrated handle for easy carrying or handling.  The design is also stated by the manufacturer to be leak-proof and developed for high capacity, necessary for multiple oil changes or in use with large equipment. 

This piece of equipment measures 17.2 in ches by 20 inches by 6 inches.  This elongated basin where the oil flows provides the ability to capture a full stream of oil without aiming into a small opening.  FloTool comes in 24 quart and 58 quart designs as well as the standard 16 quart design.   FloTool also features heavy duty caps and seals to prevent leaks. 

3. Hopkins 42004MI FloTool 24 Quart Drain Pan

large oil drip pan

Hopkins 24 Quart Drain Pan

This oil drain pan can also be stored in two different formats – upright or flat.  Holding 24 quarts, this unit is designed to hold multiple changes or to handle the liquid from a high-capacity vehicle or piece of equipment and is stated as ideal for farm equipment.  The design features three ergonomic handle grips for easy transport in several different configurations (flat, upright, one-handed, both hands, etc.). 

Measuring 18 inches by 28 inches by 8 inches, it might not be flat enough to fit under some low profile vehicles.  Be sure to measure your vehicle’s height first.  This unit also features the FloTool elongated basin to catch the oil, a drain then directs it into the inside of the unit.  No information could be found on whether a grate or mesh covers the drain hole.

4. Capri Tools CP21021 Portable Oil Drain Pan, Anti-Freeze, Black

car oil drip pan

Capri Tools Oil Drain Pan

For the budget-conscious who does not need to store the oil or anti-freeze prior to disposal, this Capri Tool oil drip pan can be a good choice.  Small and portable, this open containing holds 4.5 gallons (16 liters).  As it is a completely open pan, the oil drains directly into it with an anti-splash lip preventing spills when pouring.  The pan also has a molded handle for simpler carrying and pouring.

The Capri Tools CP21021 is made of tough polyethylene material for durability.  The unit measures 23 inches by 19 inches by 6 inches and comes with a 1 year warranty.  The six inch low profile designs enables it to be used in most low profile situations. However, with no lid or covering, this pan is only a short term solution and should not be used to store oil or other liquids.  It is designed to catch and transfer the liquid. The unit described is black, but other colors are available such as green.

5. Wedco 83230 Round Drain Pan-Open, 16 quart

Smaller Drip Pan

Wedco 16 Quart Drain Pan

The Wedco 83230 oil drain pan has a major design feature of being only 4.5 inches tall, enabling it to be used under even the most low of all low profile vehicles and equipment.  This unit is designed to be used to collect the oil or anti-freeze before transferring it to another container or to disposal.  The unit cannot be used to store liquid as it is an open pan.  It does have a spout for the ease of draining into alternate containers. 

The Wedco 83230 holds 16 quarts of oil and/or anti-freeze.  The 90 degree spout is listed as leak-proof and designed for easy drainage.  The spout is covered with a leak proof cap.  The drain plug is leak proof as well.  The unit also boasts splash guards to prevent messes during draining, transport, or movement.

6. Scepter 06985 Black DP15 Square Drain Pan – 20 Quart Capacity

large oil pan

Scepter 20 Quart Square Drain Pan

The Scepter 06985 is another bargain-priced oil drain pan that boasts a larger capacity than many other units.  The Scepter holds 20 quarts (640 ounces) of liquid and can be used for oil, antifreeze, or transmission fluid as it is resistant to chemicals and solvents.  The durable polyethylene construction is resistant to rust, dents, and corrosion as well. 

The Scepter is another unit used only for collection and should not be used for storage as it lacks a lid.  It does have handles for easy carrying and pouring.

7. Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container, Clear

Matrix Drain Container

The Matrix Concepts M28 oil drain pan and container provides a combination of drainage pan and storage container in one unit.  The screw on cap and plugs provide tight seals to prevent leads.  The pan that opens directly into the container helps prevent messy spills that can occur when transferring from an open pan into a container.  The oil drain pan features an extra-large handle for a comfortable and secure grip.  The unit is listed as being easy to store, carry, and empty. 

The unit measures 15 inches by 11 inches by 4 inches which makes it very low profile for close to the ground vehicles and equipment.  The unit weighs less than one pound.  The unit holds five quarts or less.

8. Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain Pan

extra large oil drip pan

Lisle 4.5 Gallon Oil Drain Pan

The Lisle 17942 drain pan provides easy transfer of liquids, but offers no option for storage.  Made of high density polyethylene material, this drain pan is durable and resistant to chemicals and solvents.  It is also an easy to clean unit.  It has a one inch wide diameter spout for quick and easy pouring of the contents. 

The unit features three different easy grip handles for a wide range of carrying options.  The Lisle measures 18.5 inches by 22.8 inches by 6.6 inches.  Measure your vehicle before determining if this drain pan is the right choice. 

9. OEMTOOLS 87013 Oil Drain Pan Clear with Level Scale

Clear Drip Pan

OEMTOOLS Oil Drain Pan

The OEMTOOLS oil drain pan has the unique feature of being made of clear material.  This feature allows the user to see the volume level to prevent overfilling.  The drain pan also has a built in level scale to assist the user in measuring volume.  This can assist the user in knowing the capacity of the vehicle or equipment in order to understand whether a leak is occurring and the extent of it.  The scale can also be used to know how much of the liquid needs to be replenished in the vehicle or equipment.

The total capacity for this oil drain pan is 4.5 liters.  It measures 13.8 inches by 12.6 inches by 4.3 inches which means it can work with most low to the ground vehicles or equipment.

Conclusion on the best oil drip pans! 

Changing your oil  is at the top of the list of activities a do-it-yourself person can tackle at home.  With a few clicks on the Internet, you can find videos and step by step instructions detailing exactly how to do it.  One of the essential pieces of equipment for this simple job is an oil drip pan.  They’re also called oil drain pans or oil drain storage.  They are designed to catch the old oil as it is drained from the engine of a vehicle or a piece of equipment.

The features of the oil drip pan or oil drain pan determines how else it can be used.  Some have seals and caps that allow them to double as oil storage containers.  Others are completely open and must only be used to collect the liquid and transfer it into storage or disposal units.  Do you have a way to dispose of your old liquids immediately?  If not, you will need some sort of approved storage container or you will need to select an oil drain pan that also doubles as a storage container.

The handles and grips are also a concern and require the user to consider how and where the unit will be carried or handled when it is full.  If fully sealed, one handle would suffice for vertical, suitcase-like handling.  If the oil drip pan is open and not sealed, two handles (on separate sides) might provide for more stable, two-handed portability. 

Not just for oil changes, the oil drain pan (or oil drip pan) has other uses as well.  It can be used in changing other fluids such as transmission fluid or antifreeze.  Capacity and size are important considerations.  The pans available on the market hold amounts ranging from 4 liters to 51 liters (4.22 quarts to 54 quarts).  Consider the capacity necessary for your vehicles or equipment prior to selecting a drain pan. 

The size is another consideration before you select an oil drip pan.  Consider the location of your oil drain.  They are usually located under the car.  The height available under the car for the oil drain pan might limit the pans from which you must choose.

The selection of a quality and appropriate oil drain pan can make the oil change process much cleaner, simpler, and safer.  The best oil drain pan will handle the full quantity of the largest vehicle you own and allow you to empty it easily in an appropriate disposal or storage container.  If you’re changing the oil in more than one vehicle at a time, consider a larger pan with a higher capacity to prevent having to stop and find a disposal facility in between changing the oil in the two cars.

While not always an exciting purchase, a quality oil drip pan can be a vital part of one’s collection of automotive tools!

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