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If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to toy around with your bikes or you want to move your bike in confined spaces, then you probably need a decent dolly. And indeed, there never seems to be enough space in your automotive area because of accumulation of tools, parts, projects and benches. Maybe you need to work on your motorcycle, and it doesn’t move around. In this case, having a set of motorcycle dollies can be of great help.

Motorcycle dollies are like skates for your bikes; simply lift and slide a dolly under the tires and push your bike around in any direction you need. Motorcycle dollies open up new possibilities for projects and new spaces in the garage.

Different Types Of Motorcycle Dollies;

Motorcycle dollies come in a variety of styles and offer different functionalities. Without a doubt, we believe that the most important features to consider when purchasing motorcycle dollies are mobility and stability. After all, an unstable tool has no place in the garage.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle dollies in the market, you can get confused because of the many brands making these tools as each brand claims and advertises their tool as the best. But we have done the research for you so that you can choose from the best in the market; and with any of these tools, it’s pretty difficult to get it wrong.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Motorcycle Dolly

1. Quality

The purpose of your motorcycle dolly is to hold your bike for easy movement and storage. Therefore, you need a dolly that’s made of quality materials and one that’s solid. Quality is the number one consideration when choosing the best motorcycle dolly. Check the materials it is made of and the construction as well as the design.

2. Types

Motorcycle dollies come in different shapes and types. You need to consider the type of your motorcycle prior to buying the right dolly for you. You should also know the reason why you are buying a dolly. Different dollies are meant for different purposes.

3. Price

This goes without saying. You need to set a budget for your motorcycle dolly. Your budget shouldn’t be too low that it fits poor quality dollies and it shouldn’t be too high. Take your time to do your research so that you can pick the one with the best quality within your allotted budget. Remember; not all pricey dollies are quality, and not all the quality dollies are pricey. Therefore, the price shouldn’t be used as an indicator of quality, but most of the times, it is.

Here Are The Top Three Best Motorcycle Dollies At The Moment;


#1 Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. Weight Capacity Review

best motorcycle dolly

If you have a problem storing or accessing your precious motorcycle in your small automotive area that’s full of stuff, then you need Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly. You don’t need to move your heavy parts to get your motorcycle around your garage anymore as this dolly will solve all of that in a simple and elegant way.

The benefits of Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly

Operating this motorcycle dolly is simple. By rotating the handles attached to the end ramps downwardly, you lift the main rail and its four castles to about an inch off the floor. This prevents the unit from rolling. After this, you only need to roll your bike up the end ramp and onto the main rail until you hit the stop pin. After this, put the side down in the pan provided and lean your bike to its resting position. Its 2-inch wheels call for a smooth surface, but operating it is easy thanks to the swivel casters that enables it to move with minimal effort.

It’s rust resistant thanks to its powder-coated pan, pan, end ramps, stop pins, and ball-bearing swivel casters.

The Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly has a weight capacity of 1250 pounds. Its rail is also shy of eight inches wide. From the users’ comments, people with longer bikes omits the stop pins to utilize the full rail, which has a length of 83-inches.

Finally, it has an adjustable kickstand plate which enables it to switch between three various positions to accommodate different bike configurations.

The Drawbacks 

The Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly has one drawback which is in loading and unloading your bike from the dolly. Rotating the access ramp tends to pull the whole dolly in the direction of your rotation. This can cause the deployed ramp on the opposite end to rotate upwards. This makes it tricky to get your bike on or off the dolly with any of the four casters in contact with the floor. You’ll need to put a latching device on one side to lock that ramp in the down position.

The pros of Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly

  • It is convenient and safe tool
  • It also comes at a friendly price
  • Operating this dolly is easy

The cons 

  • It’s considered too short for some motorbikes

The Bottom Line

The Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly is an awesome tool that allows individuals to slide any bike on it for easier storage and movement. If you are looking for a budget-friendly dolly that has been proven to be effective and durable, then Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly is the best option for you.

#2 Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY 

From its name, Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY Pit Viper, you can tell what its intentions are. It’s a bit pricier because it’s meant to be used as a track day tool and not necessarily as a small sports bike dolly.

Of course, you can use it as a regular dolly for your small motorbike since there is no much difference. It has an attractive locking pin system to keep the bike stable and ensure it doesn’t roll off to either side. It also comes with a kickstand plate.

The Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY Pit Viper comes in parts, and you have to budget some time to assemble all the parts. However, assembling this tool is easier as you just need to fix the nuts and bolts.

The benefits of Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY Pit Viper

This tool supports sports bikes and motorcycles weight up to 1250 lbs. They have lever operated front and rear gate wedge design for quick and easy loading and unloading. It’s compact and well-built and can support even the heaviest of the bikes.

It also has a steel pin locking system to keep the motorcycle on the dolly while moving around. The steel pin locks safeguard your bike to ensure that it doesn’t fall off to any side. It also has five positions adjustable kickstand platform to make your movements easier.

The manufacturer offers a one year warranty for this tool.

Its locking dual caster wheels are made with high-quality 12 gauge steel construction for longevity.

It’s rust resistant thanks to the black semi-gloss powder coat finish on all its surfaces.

And finally, having been made in the USA, you can be assured that it has passed all the quality standards required for a motorcycle dolly.

The pros of Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY Pit Viper

  • It can handle weight of up to 1250 pounds
  • It has a wide wheel and a kickstand tray

The cons

  • It lacks a comprehensive user manual for assembling making assembling the parts quite time-consuming, especially for people who have never had a motorcycle dolly
  • It has no holes or hooks for tie downs

The Bottom Line

Although Rage Powersports MC-DOLLY Pit Viper is meant for track usage, you can use it as a regular dolly. It is compact, well-built, rust resistant, and can accommodate up to 1250 pounds. It’s well worth its money.

#3 Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly Review

This is a premium motorcycle dolly that’s made in the USA. It’s engineered and designed to transport weight up to 1500 pounds easily around the garage. This tool is made of heavy gauge steel and has encased roller bearings. There’s no motorcycle dolly in the market that can carry out like Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly.

The benefits of Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly

It is made in the USA and therefore you can be assured that it’s of high-quality. Besides, having been made from heavy gauge steel, you can rest assured that this motorcycle dolly is strong enough to accommodate the heaviest of the bikes.

Its four wheels lock for riding on and off to ensure safety. The wheels are large enough to make moving the bike around a lot easier

The pros of Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly

  • It can handle up to 1500 pounds
  • It’s patent pending and has four wheels lock to ensure safety
  • It’s made in the USA

The Cons

  • It’s a bit pricier, but it’s well worth the money

The Bottom Line

If you own heavy motorbikes such as those made by Harley-Davidson, the Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly can be a better option for you as it will be able to accommodate the weight of the bike without breaking down. Although a little bit pricier, Motomover Premium is one of the best motorcycle dollies you can find on the market.

The Final Thoughts:

Before winding up this review, remember to read the manual of your motorcycle dolly to ensure that you assemble all the parts as required. Assembling your dolly incorrectly can make your tool unstable.

Now that you are aware of everything you need to know about motorcycle dolly and you have the best motorcycle dollies on the market reviewed on our post, you can buy a new one with confidence. It will make your garage orderly and allow you to move your bike across any surface. Any of the above motorcycle dollies will be a fantastic addition to sales floors, busy repair shops or even in your home garage.