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Introduction To Collapsible Hand Trucks For General Use

 hand-truckHand trucks can be known by many names:  dolly, cart, trolley, box cart, two wheeler, and many more.  At its most basic, a hand truck is an l-shaped hand cart with handles or a handle at one end, wheels at the base, and a ledge to set objects on that need to be moved.  On two-wheeled vertical versions, this ledge rests flat against the floor while objects are loaded, usually by inserting the ledge under the object.  The truck is then tilted backward using the handles until the weight is carried on the wheels.  This enables heavy objects to be moved more easily. 

While still l-shaped, the flat, four-wheeled platform carts have all four wheels on the ground with a platform covering them.  A handle is at one end.  This version is sometimes capable of handling heavier loads, but lacks the lever features of the two wheeled version for lifting and loading objects.  Objects must be lifted and placed on the cart. 

Choosing The Right Hand Truck

A hand truck that will be used mainly to carry small luggage, a laptop, and a bag for travel does not need to have the heavy capacity that a hand cart used to move a refrigerator would need to have.  However, hand trucks used for travel will likely need the capability to fold. 

Consider also the construction of the hand truck.  Aluminum and nylon trucks will be lighter weight, but may not be as strong as steel-construction.  Wheels are a factor as well.   Rubber wheels do not need air and avoid flats, but may not be as strong as pneumatic tires.  Again, the use of the cart will be a consideration.  With pneumatic tires, consider the size.  A ten-inch tire will have more load capacity than a 4-inch or 8-inch tire.  Dimensions are a consideration for storage purposes.  Large, heavy duty hand trucks require more space as they are unable to fold for easy storage. 

Video – How To Use a Hand Truck

Comparison Chart – The Best Rated Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Available On Today’s Market

Best Sellers:
Average User
# 1
Magna Cart Personal 150-Pound Capacity
Aluminum Folding Hand Truck
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

# 2
Magna Cart Ideal 150-Pound
Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

# 3
Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty
Folding Hand Truck and Dolly
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 4
Harper Trucks Lightweight 400-Pound
Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly
4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

# 5
Harper Trucks 700-Pound Capacity Super-Steel
Convertible Hand Truck
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

# 1 Magna Cart Personal 150-Pound Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Review

Best Hand Truck

Magna Cart Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

This cart is made of rust-proof aluminum and, due to its ability to fold, is ideal for airline travel as it can be stowed in an overhead compartment and weighs only seven pounds.  It folds up to be a compact size of 25 inches by 2 inches.  When fully extended, it is 38 inches tall and can hold up to 150 pounds of cargo.  The wheels are five inches and made of rubber, listed as flat-free tires.  This cart is available in several colors including silver, yellow, red, and green. 

# 2 Magna Cart Ideal 150-Pound Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck Review

Magna Cart Hand Truck

Magna Cart Steel Folding Hand Truck


This cart is similar to the Magna Cart Personal cart except that it is made of steel instead of aluminum, making it more rugged, but also slightly heavier.  This Magna Cart weighs nine pounds and is made of 19mm steel for the frame.  This model opens easily with the touch of a button and folds up to just over two inches thick and 27 inches tall.  The five-inch rubber wheels require no air and roll easily. 

# 3 Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly Review

Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Cosco Shifter Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck Dolly

This folding hand truck offers a 300-pound capacity with its durable steel frame.  In addition, it can be used as a two-wheel hand truck or a four-wheel flat platform cart.  It folds flat for transport or storage and weighs only 15 pounds.  The upright dimensions are 49 inches by just under 17 inches by just under 14 inches.    When folded, the unit’s dimensions are 16 inches by 33 inches by 4 inches. 

# 4 Harper Trucks Lightweight 400-Pound Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly Review

Harper Hand Truck

Harper Lightweight Hand Truck

Manufactured in the U.S.A. using I-Beam Steel-Tough nylon truss for the frame, this cart requires assembly of wheels and base plate by the purchaser.  The cart is 30% lighter than steel and designed for maximum strength.  In addition, it is corrosion- and rust-resistant.  This cart converts from a two wheel dolly to a four wheel cart.  As a dolly, it is has a capacity of 300 pounds.  As a cart, it has a 400-pound capacity.  The wheels are eight inches with solid rubber tread (flat free) and three-inch swivel casters. 

The handle telescopes into three positions and the cart has built-in stair glides for easy moving up or down stairs and curbs.  The cart weighs 22 pounds and is 15 inches by 17 inches by 44 inches.  This unit is perfect for those seeking both a heavy-duty dolly and a flat hand cart.

# 5 Harper Trucks 700-Pound Capacity Super-Steel Convertible Hand Truck Review

Convertible Hand Truck

Harper Trucks Convertible Hand Truck

This hand truck is the big brother to the previous Harper truck above.  As an upright dolly, this truck has a 600-pound capacity.  As a horizontal, flat hand truck, the capacity increases to 700 pounds.  The telescoping handle adjusts up to 62 inches in height for tall loads.  The pneumatic all-terrain 10-inch wheels and five-inch durable swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability on all surfaces with bulky loads. 

The base plate measures 14 inches by 7 inches with wheel fenders to protect the wheels from the load.  The frame is constructed of steel and the hand truck weighs in at 29 pounds.  The measurements are 18 inches by 22 inches by 50 inches. 

# 6 Milwaukee Hand Trucks 49180 Convertible Truck with 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires Review

Milwaukee Hand Trucks

Milwaukee Convertible Hand Truck

This Milwaukee hand truck has a whopping 800 pound load capacity, converting easily from a two wheel vertical truck to a four wheel platform position truck.  The 10-inch pneumatic tires assist with rough terrain and heavy loads and wheel guards protect the tires from wider loads.  The wheels also feature larger five-inch casters.  This truck is has a powder-coated finish and ships fully-assembled.  Its frame is steel and the unit weighs in at just under 35 pounds.

# 7 Milwaukee Hand Trucks 40611 Nylon Convertible Truck with 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires Review

Milwaukee Hand Trucks

Milwaukee Hand Trucks

This Milwaukee hand truck is constructed with lightweight, rust-proof fiberglass-reinforced nylon polymer and weighs in at only 23 pounds.  Despite its lighter weight, this hand truck has a 600-pound load capacity. This unit converts from a two-wheel vertical hand truck into a four-wheel horizontal platform cart. The contoured cross-braces are designed to carry and cradle a wide variety of objects, such as curved or round ones.  This hand truck ships fully assembled – no assembly required by purchaser.  No wheel-guards are evident to protect the wheels however.  The wheels are 10-inch pneumatic tires.  The truck’s dimensions are 18 inches by 21 inches by 50 inches.

# 8 Safco Products 4069 Tuff Truck Continuous Handle Utility Hand Truck Review

Safco Utility Hand Truck


The Safco 4069 continuous handle hand truck is a no-frills vertical truck offered at a reasonable price.  Listed as ideal for one or two handed use, this truck has a capacity of up to 400 pounds.  The eight-inch solid rubber wheels are flat-free.  The frame is made of heavy-gauge tubular steel with welded joints and a durable powder-coated finish.  The plate at the bottom of the truck measures 14 inches wide by 7 inches deep.  This unit ships fully assembled and weighs 20 pounds.  The measurements are 14.2 inches by 19.3 inches by 45.5 inches. 

# 9 Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck – 1,200-Lb. Capacity Review

roughneck hand trucks

Roughneck Appliance Truck

The Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck is the big daddy of all of the hand trucks with an amazing 1,200-pound capacity, allowing it to move appliances easily.  This truck is constructed with steel and a powder-coat finish.  The rubber-coated frame helps protect the load from damage.  This hand truck has two eight-inch aluminum-center rubberized wheels, but also has two retractable four-inch poly casters to support bulky or heavier loads. 

This hand truck offers an extra feature of a built-in auto-rewind ratchet belt to securely tighten a load to the dolly.  The plate dimensions are 24 inches by 5 inches.

# 10 Magna Cart Flatform 300-Pound Capacity Four Wheel Folding Hand Truck Review

Magna Cart 4 wheel hand truck

Magna Cart Flatform Four Wheel Hand Truck

The telescoping handle of this Magna Cart Flatform cart extends to 36 inches.  The platform measures 27 inches by 16 inches and is capable of carrying a load weighing up to 300 pounds.  The 4” rubber wheels never require air and are flat-free.  They also rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability and are listed as non-marring to protect surfaces. This cart closes and folds flat to 3.5 inches by 27 inches by 16 inches for easy storage and transport.

This cart weighs 14.8 pounds, and the tubing is made of aluminum and stainless steel.  Major stress points are made of ultra-durable nylon and other pieces are polypropylene.  This cart offers a warranty of 12 months for parts and labor.