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For any car enthusiast, car paint is the first element you protect. Cars are metals and as you know, metals rusts. Keeping your paint in tip top condition is the best way to keep rust at bay and keep your car in good condition. The next time you drive around, look for an old, rusty car. You’ll notice that the coating is completely gone and the paint is old and faded. This is what will happen to your car when you stop caring for its coating.

So, how do you keep car’s paint in tip top condition? There are three basic things you should do; wash with the best car wash soap, apply the best car wax, and apply the best car polish. Today we will deal with the third step. Before we start reviewing the best car polishers 2017, let’s first at the basic types of polishers for cars;

Variable Speed Rotary Polishers

These are by far the most types of car polishers. They are powerful, scratch-removing machines that are potent and must be used with utmost care. A major downside of this polishers is that they can remove paint very quickly. The variable speed rotary polishers are very powerful; you have to use them very carefully.

Dual Action Orbital Polishers 

These car polishers operate by revolving its timers in a similar direction. Orbital polishers are not as powerful as variable speed rotary polishers and can even be used by kids. They are very safe.

With That In Mind, We Can Help You Narrow Down Your Choices By Discussing The Best Car Polishers & Buffers For The Money – 2017.

Best Sellers:
Average User
Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD 6" Random Orbital Polisher
with 10' Cord
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Neiko 10671A 7-Inch Electric Polisher and Buffer
4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

WEN 6010 6-Inch Waxer/Polisher
4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher
with Soft Start
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

#1 Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher with 10′ Cord

best random orbital polisherAfter our in-depth research looking into various car buffers, the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD stood out for providing incredible performance and for being easy to use. This car buffer has come with massive upgrades as compared to the previous model; it now has an ergonomic design making it comfortable to use. Its added rubber handle adds to the grip.

This polisher has a 6-inch orbital buffer. Its random motion makes it gentle on your car and will not leave swirl marks. When it comes to the size, it’s much smaller than most buffers on this list with just 12 inches long. It weighs around seven pounds, and therefore you can use for a few hours without getting tired.

It does a phenomenal job when it comes to removing scratches and marks. Besides, Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD can be used to apply wax to your car. This makes the whole process less harsh on your hands and a lot easier.

For the motor, it operates at 850W producing from 2500-6800 rpm. Its 6-speed dial makes it easier to quickly adjust its speed depending on the pressure you want to exert on your car. To top it off, it comes with a lifetime warranty card. This machine is one of the best car buffers on the market, especially for newbies. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD is a perfect machine for those who are only looking to remove oxidation or marks on their car without causing damage to the clear coating.

The Pros of Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD

– It’s a powerful motor

– It comes with a lifetime warranty

– It has an ergonomic design for easy handling

– It has adjustable speed dial

#2 PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

variable speed polisherPORTER-CABLE 7424XP is one of the best car polisher machines in the market that has become very popular in the recent months. It comes with a solid size, and it’s very easy to use. Its basic features make it an ideal choice for all users; from beginners to professionals. Its long list of features makes it popular among car enthusiasts looking for a powerful and reliable polisher machine

It has 6-inches backing plate that fits most the suds pads. It’s a heavy duty machine that’s capable of producing 2500-68t00 Orbits per Minute (OPM). Though it appears very fast, this device is safe for your car paint.

Its fine design of the handle makes it easy to carry around. The on and off switch is located just near the gripping area, and it’s easily reachable. It comes with different speed control giving you an option to switch its orbiting speed. The speed dial is fitted behind the grip area to prevent switching speeds accidentally when using this machine.

This affordable machine is very easy to use and can cover all the polish related tasks. It comes with a dual polishing head that enables you to clean your car body thoroughly. It’s ideal for both beginners and professionals who want to take color finishing on their car to a whole new level. It has speed dial which suits beginners who are learning and experienced polishers who are looking for a powerful machine.

The Pros of PORTER-CABLE 7424XP

– It’s the best choice for beginners

– It has a speed dial meaning you can switch between different speeds

– It comes with heat protection and so won’t burn paint

– It has high user rating on Amazon

– It works on all types of car finishes

– Its random orbital motion ensures that no swirl marks are left on your car

– It has one of the fasted orbits per minute rate averaging 2500-6800 OPM

– It’s a powerful motor

#3 Neiko 10671A 7-Inch Electric Polisher and Buffer

best car bufferThe Neiko 7-inch Electric Polisher is an excellent option for those who are looking for versatility in a polisher. This powerful polisher has 1300W and a die cast aluminum head that work together to clean away even the toughest stains, grime, and scratches. Its ergonomic handle has a soft grip and a multi-position handle for greater control and ease of use. Besides, it has a trigger lock to keep this polisher “on” for longer periods.

One of the most outstanding features of Neiko 7-inch Electric Polisher is its six variable speed options. It gives you a choice to select your perfect speed setting from 1000-3000 rotations per minute. This allows you to choose a suitable setting for any job application and surface material. This polisher comes with a 7″ Velcro backing pad to allow easy attachment of different buffing and polishing pads.

The pros of Neiko 7-inch Electric Polisher

– It’s a powerful machine producing up to 1300W

– It has an ergonomic handle that has a soft grip

– It has a solid and durable construction

– 6 variable speed options

– Has a trigger lock

– It comes with 7-inch Velcro backing pad

#4 WEN 6010 6-inch Waxer/Polisher

Can you recall when a polished car was a sign of hard work ethic? Give your car the attention and love it deserves with the WEN 6010 6-inch buffer which has a high-performance 120v, 4000 rpm, and 0.5 amp permanent magnet motor.

The buffer comes with a dual handle grip that enhances accuracy and control without mentioning the random orbital technology that offers a streak-free shine to the finish of the car.

What makes it one of the best car polishers is that WEN 6010 6-inch buffer works on all surfaces beginning from the garage, to the kitchen and the bathroom.

The buffer has an ergonomically contoured palm and body grip design which makes it comfortable to use. What’s more, it’s easy to use with a lockable on-off switch.

Its high-quality head makes it easy to handle work and curved body panels.

Better yet, each unit comes with a free polishing bonnet and a free applicator bonnet.

The WEN 6010 6-inch buffer makes light work of your automotive detailing needs.

Pros of the WEN 6010

– Works on all surfaces

– Durable and affordable

#5 DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start

dewalt dwp849x polisherWhen talking about best car polisher for professionals, it can’t get better than DEWALT. DEWALT has made a great reputation in making tools, and DEWALT DWP849X is no exception. This top selling car buffer contains finesse and power to create a fine finish you’ve always wanted. Although it has no attractive design, this machine will offer years of excellent performance.

Although it can also be used in home garages, this model is certainly the best choice for professionals as well. The best thing with DEWALT DWP849X is that it can be used on any metal finishing other than car surfaces. For instance, this powerful device can be used to polish a boat.

When it comes to power, DEWALT DWP849X has a 12-amp motor that’s pretty high. However, it starts softly, gradually gaining momentum. Most models start off very powerfully which is not a good thing. It produces from 600-3500 orbits per minute, which is a little bit lower than previous models.

When it comes to handling and convenience, DEWALT DWP849x is up there with the rest. It has two handles. This device is ideal for both applying wax and removing scratches and marks on any part of the vehicle. Professionals like this device because of its versatility and convenience when it comes to ensuring quality polishing.

Most car buffers and polishers can be irritating when it comes to wool flying around the room, but when it comes to this model, it has shields that prevent wool material from entering the actual polisher. It weighs in at 10 pounds making it a little bit heavier than most car polish machines on this list. However, it’s still easy to move around with.

In addition, DEWALT offers you a 90-day money back guarantee and a one year free service period. It also comes with a 3-year warranty card. This will ensure that you are covered for any faultiness that can occur in this device.

From the customer reviews online, it’s clear that this machine runs smoothly providing maximum details. It’s also a little costlier than most car polishers. To finalize, the DEWALT DWP849X has already been rated as a top seller, and therefore you cannot go wrong with this machine. It’s definitely a great choice for professional detailers. However, it can also be used for home garages as well.

The Pros of DEWALT DWP849X

– It’s a durable polisher

– It guarantee an excellent shine

– It’s powerful

– No load speed

#6 WEN 10PMC 10-inch Waxer/Polisher in Case with Extra Bonnets

Are you looking for a buffer that can make your car the next talk of the town? Try WEN 10PMC 10-inch buffer. This is one of the best car polishers with a high performance 120 v, 320 rpm and o.75 amp permanent magnet motor.

It comes with a dual handle grip that ensures accuracy and control while the random orbital technology offers a streak-free shine make your car’s finish great. WEN launched random orbital technology decades ago and has not disappointed perfecting the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the buffer ever since.

The durable and affordable buffer works great for every surface from the garage to the bathroom to the banister. You can forget any unwanted dirt from your life, leaving a clean and a reflective shine.

The kit also contains a convenient carrying case including two applicator bonnets, two wool blending bonnets, two polishing bonnets and a washing mitt.

Do you need WEN 10PMC 10-inch buffer? You’ll not be disappointed after buying it, in accordance with the product that you need.

Pros of the WEN 10PMC Buffer

– Works on any surface

– Durable and affordable

#7 Kawasaki 840580 10-Inch Ergonomic Orbital Waxer

small orbital waxerKawasaki 840580 is one of the best car polishers for those on low-budget. It produces amazing results despite its relatively low price as compared to most car polishers on the market. It’s made by a renowned Japanese brand called Kawasaki. Kawasaki has proven themselves over the years with their quality products.

Kawasaki 840580 delivers everything you need; value, quality and fits perfectly in your DIY demands. The first noticeable element in this car polisher is its ergonomic design. It is easy enough to handle and use, and is lightweight, weighing at around six pounds.

Besides, it can run for a long time, something you would not expect from models of this price. Its motor produces 0.75 amps, 60 HZ, and 120 volts. This polisher can reach up to 3200 orbits per minute thanks to its speed.

Kawasaki 840580 also includes two foam pads and three bonnets, which eliminates chances of the surfaces being scratched. This device is pretty useful in removing surface scratches and marks while giving your car a decent shine.

The Pros of Kawasaki 840580

– It has an ergonomic design making handling and using it easier

– It has all the need features to give you a smooth finish

– It removes swirls and surface marks

– It’s relatively affordable and effective

#8 Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher

Meguiar’s MT300 Pro is a lightweight model that makes polishing work very easy. It has speed setting that ranges from 3000 to 7500 OPM. You can adjust speed with your thumb while using this machine as its speed dial is located near the gripping area. It has an ergonomic design to give you a better grip when detailing polish. If you are a beginner and looking for an effective and easy to use tool, then Meguiar’s MT300 Pro can be your best companion.

Meguiar’s MT300 Pro can remove swirls effortlessly thanks to its dual actions. It doesn’t compromise when it comes to car detailing. Turning this machine on and off is very easy. The brushes in this polisher can be replaced easily meaning that you can swap your old brush with new ones on your own.

If you’re looking for all in one car polisher, then Meguiar’s MT300 Pro is the polisher for you. Although this car polisher doesn’t have a backing plate like most models, the Soft Buff DA plates fit in well.

The Meguiar’s MT300 Pro has an innovating digital torque speed control system that enables you to have a perfect finishing on any type of surface. It can make your car shine as if it has received a color repaint. It comes with 500 watts of power which will give your car a detailing finish.

Meguiar’s MT300 Pro is designed both for professionals and beginners since its operation is very easy and can polish effectively and effortlessly.

The pros of Meguiar’s MT300 Pro

– It has an ergonomic design making it easy to handle

– Has a dual action

– It has a smooth startup process

– Has replaceable brushes

– Has a digital torque

– Starts softly gradually accelerating after some time

 #9 Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle Polisher

When the word BOSCH what comes to the mind are drills, big power tools, and tools in general. However, they do have rotary polishers as well. This polisher is geared towards automotive enthusiasts and detailers. The Bosch GP712VS is a large angled polishing machine that features a 7-inch hook with a backing plate. It also has a variable speed control for 12 amp motor. Its speed range from 750-3000RPM.

At only 19 inches long, this car polisher weighs in at 6 lbs. It comes with one year warranty from Bosch, and therefore you can have peace of mind if some component gets faulty during that period.

For professionals, intermediate, and beginners, Bosch GP712VS is a solid choice for you. Remember that being a rotary polisher; you’ll need more skills compared to other polishers with dual action orbital.

The Pros of Bosch GP712VS

– It has an ergonomic design

– It’s solid and compact

– It comes with one-year warranty card

– It does a great job when it comes to polishing

#10 Milwaukee 5460-6 7-Inch/9-Inch Polisher with Electronic Speed Control

9 inch polisherWith an old-style body, the Milwaukee 5460-6 is among the top performing polishers on the market. It’s relatively simple in design that makes it easy to hold and use. With a versatile 7 inch and 9-inch backing pad, you are assured of greater coverage at one application. With an 11 amp motor, this machine is capable of spinning from 0-1750 RPM using the variable-speed trigger.

Whether you’re right or left-handed, this Milwaukee 5460-6 has an ambidextrous handle that makes handling easier. If you are just looking for a polisher that has proper functionality and one that’s durable without fancy features, then Milwaukee 5460-6 is the way to go. It has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars and has received excellent reviews from happy customers.

The Pros of Milwaukee 5460-6

– It’s durable and delivers quality polishing results

– It has a simple design

– It’s ideal for left and right handers

When Choosing the Best Car Polishers, Here’s what to consider


This refers to how big an area the car polisher can cover in a single action. The greater the throw, the faster you’ll finish the job


This is another critical factor to consider. A polisher speed is measured in orbits per minute. Most of the best car polishers on our list averages between 1800-6800 orbits per minute.

Load sensing

This is a modern feature that’s appearing on most car polishers. It allows your car polisher to measure how much pressure is being put on a surface so as it can adjust speed accordingly.


This depends on individual preferences and how often you are planning to use your car buffer. It also depends on the size of the surface you want to polish. The minimum weight for a car buffer should be two pounds.


As with everything, you want to ensure that you get the best polisher for your money. Don’t go for the most expensive because it may not be equally expensive, and also don’t go for the cheapest because most probably they come cheap at the expense of quality. Do your research, and you’ll get the best car buffer for a bargain.

The Bottom Line

Polishing is one of the best ways you can maintain your car. Not only will it make your car shine, but also increases the life of your paint. There are many car polishers on the market, but the above ones are the most impressive and will give you the best value for your money. Purchase the best polisher for your car today.

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