10 Best Back Support Braces & Belts For Men & Women With Reviews

Intro To The Best Back Support Braces For Work & General Use

Proper Back Posture

One of the most crucial physical needs many people tend to overlook is assuming the right posture. Today, many people have sedentary lives whereby they spend so much time in front of computer screens, which among other reasons, can cause back muscles strain and shoulder aches. Poor body posture can lead to several health complications, leading to fatigue and depression. A majority of the people suffering from back pain and shoulder fatigue don’t know the cause of their problem, but there is a high probability that poor posture has contributed massively to it. And it’s not just the people who have a poor posture that can experience back pain; even a competitive athlete can tweak a muscle during workouts and cause back pains.

However, despite the back pain, we can’t all get rest at home every time our shoulders feel fatigued and back pain hits, giving us trouble. Taking a rest whenever your shoulders feel fatigued and back hurts isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to overcome the pain any faster. If the muscles that support your back and keep it aligned with the spine don’t get the proper amount of straightening and activity, they’ll become less active, and this can cause the back trouble to increase. But you need not worry anymore as there are back support braces that have been made to correct posture and alleviate the back pain. But because of the market being overcrowded with many brands and types of back braces it gets hard for consumers to know the best back braces for a healthy spine.

This prompted us to come up with this guide to help you choose the best back braces that suit your back.

What Are The Types of Back Brace?

Majorly, back braces are of two types: Hard braces and soft braces.

Hard Braces– These braces fit your body and are quite inflexible; meaning they do not move with your body. They are made to fit your body structure. They can restrict your flexibility by 50%. Although they can be highly effective, hard braces can be incredibly heavy and many people find them uncomfortable.

Soft Braces- These back braces are made of a strong elastic material that restricts your spine and keeps it in forward motion. They are meant to hold your spinal fusions in place. They also support the spine when it’s under stress such as when lifting weights, stooping, bending over, and digging. The best thing with soft braces is that it reminds you of proper body posture when sitting for an extended period or lifting heavy weight. When lifting heavy weights, the brace forces you to use the legs to do the lifting and keep your back straight.

Best Sellers:
Average User


A&R Lumbar Back Brace

5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)

# 2
Mueller Adjustable Back Brace
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

# 3
Gaduge Lower Back Brace
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

# 4
ComfyMed Premium
Quality Back Brace
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

# 5
AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

# 6
The 2 in 1 Posture Brace
3.3 Stars (3.3 / 5)

# 7
Amazing Back Brace Belt
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

# 8
ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

# 9
NMT Lower Back Brace
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

# 10
BAX-U Posture Corrector
Back and Shoulder Support
3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A Back Brace?

There are two important things you should consider when purchasing the best back braces for the rib, abdomen, and lumbar:

1. Material- A good back braces should be made of less stretching fabrics which provide more stiff support.

2. Comfort- A good back brace should be comfortable on your body. Therefore, consider comfort before the support a back brace will offer to your spine.

Also, before purchasing a back brace, consult your healthcare provider to advise you on the best back brace for your body as not all condition necessitate hard support.

What Are The Benefits Of Back Support Braces?

– It provides back support

– It offers back pain relief

– They ensure natural healing with minimal pain and discomfort; it has no side effects.

– It corrects poor posture and enables one to assume proper posture

Having understood several things about back braces, we can now help you choose the best back brace for your body.

1. A & R Lumbar Back Brace

When you’re suffering from poor posture and constant back and shoulder pain, a good back brace can be a lifesaver. Artem & Robinson’s Premium Quality Lumbar Back Brace is inexpensive, yet it provides all the support and comfort your body needs. It’s designed like a belt that wraps around your waist and comes in four different sizes in order to provide an excellent fit.

This posture correcting brace has two adjustable waistbands that allow you to set the grip as tight as you prefer it. Once you’ve got the fit right, the Velcro closure in the front makes sure the brace remains firmly in place. It’s made of a breathable mesh material that allows your skin to respire as it normally would.

Unlike many other back braces, this one’s not at all bulky, so you can comfortably wear it underneath a t-shirt or a blouse without it being seen. You can just as well wear it over a slim fit tank top or shirt while exercising or doing other arduous physical work. This is an excellent and cheap model both women and men can use to alleviate shoulder and back pain, correct their posture, and prevent back injuries.

Last but not least, the comfy, breathable material that wraps around your waist also helps burn fats and keep your muscles warmed up. Not only are you getting support for your back, but you’re also losing weight and toning your abs!

 2. Mueller Adjustable Back Brace

Mueller Back Brace

Mueller Adjustable Back Brace is one of the most durable and flexible support belt on the market today with a lot of comfort. The back brace has been made using neoprene blend textile which is highly comfortable and breathable. This textile also has some antimicrobial elements.

With a double layer design, the Mueller Adjustable Back Brace helps to relieve muscle spasms and general back pain. The molded plastic component and flexible steel provide more strength to this brace. Removable cushions and lumbar makes this back brace further comfortable. It can provide more intense and focused back support with its additional steel supports.

3. Gaduge Lower Back Brace

If you’ve ever worn a back brace, you know how sturdy and uncomfortable they can be. This is especially true of hard-back braces that essentially immobilize your body and limit your movements. Even the soft braces often dig into your ribcage or your hipbones. Not the Gaduge Lower Back Brace, though.

The boning on the brace is divided into four vertical columns, with two on each side of the spine. There is one Velcro closure, as well as another one with two straps that allow you to adjust the grip to best suit your body. The brace utilizes a soft and stretchable material (neoprene) to keep you comfortable for extended periods of time.

In addition to everyday use, you can wear this brace when you’re exercising or doing some other physical work. You will immediately notice how efficiently it alleviates the pain from your lower back. You will get the full support of a back brace, but will still be able to move without limitations.

Gaduge Lower Back Brace promises to provide two things: comfort and support. It delivers on both of its promises. Don’t let the low price fool you – this model offers everything you want in a premium lower back brace.

4. ComfyMed Back Brace

best back brace
ComfyMed offers amazing back posture is designed to seamlessly adjust and stretch accordingly to fit in different person’s body sizes without causing discomfort whatsoever. This back support device is made of comfortable yet soft and flexible materials which ensure that you’ll get used to wearing it within a few minutes. Although most of the back braces models may focus on the shoulders and upper back, this particular back brace focuses entirely on the lower back keeping it in its most appropriate position whenever you are working on your computer, sitting, or doing strenuous activities. It is one of the best back braces on Amazon thanks to its quality material and flexibility.

5. AidBrace Back Brace

Breathable Back Belt

Having been made as a breathable device, this back brace provides superior lumbar support. It’s also helpful for those who want to correct their body posture with time. AidBrace Back Brace is an innovative brace that can help relieve your back pain naturally. Its unisex design makes it fit and works well for both men and women. The AidBrace Back Brace is also fitted with a back breathable mesh and six stability bars. This makes it highly functional and flexible.

The AidBrace is available both in all sizes, from small to extra-large size. The bonus suspender straps attached to it can boost stability and comfort. The brace is effective for relieving pain from herniated discs, sciatica, lower back areas, and lumbar.

6. Posturific Brace Posture Support

back posture support brace

It is one of the high quality and most popular products from Posturific manufacturer and is highly recommended device by physiotherapists. The Posturific Brace Posture Support is specifically designed to correct and improve posture significantly after wearing it for as short as 30 minutes every day for a couple of weeks. What makes it effective is the unique over-the-shoulder design that incorporates elastic materials to hold the shoulders back to their appropriate position. Holding the shoulders to their normal position will help straighten the spine to a healthy position.

The Posturific Brace Posture Support package comes with a brief guide booklet that highlights the most effective posture-improving exercises that you can perform to improve and correct your posture. It is an effective product that has been made of premium quality materials to last for many days, allowing to use this posture brace for long.

7. Amazing Back Brace Belt

best back brace belt
This back brace from Didakay is a twin functioning belt that can provide the best support for your lower lumbar and sciatica. It is fitted with seven self-heating acupuncture magnetic to give you deep muscle penetration. This back brace from Didakay is highly effective in improving your blood circulation. It’s also beneficial for reducing waistline and offering relief from menstrual pain and cramps.

You can wear it under or over your clothes. By using this back brace, you’ll also get relief from lower lumbar disc pain, sciatica pain, muscle aches, sacroiliac joint pain, and injuries. When used under the clothes, it helps to slim your waist and abdomen. This is one of the best back braces and is really an effective pain reliever for truck drivers, computer users, and other people who suffer from lower back pain.

8. ComfyMed Breathable Mesh

This high-quality back brace is made of durable materials. It provides support for sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative and herniated disc problems, as well as alleviating back pain. The ComfyMed Breathable Mesh is a superior and high-end brace that will not slip from your body once fitted well. It is made from polypropylene, steel alloy, highly elastic nylon fabric, neoprene rubber, and 100 percent latex. All these materials that are used to make it are free from toxic and harmful chemicals. It is also helpful for those people who are suffering from arthritis.

The ComfyMed Breathable Mesh package comes with a powerful support belt along with a medical grade accessory. This makes it highly effective in treating sciatica, scoliosis, and herniated discs.

9. NMT Lower Back Brace

If you have had a back pain that may have resulted from slumping over a seat or armchair, this back brace can effectively help in relieving it in a short time. The NMT Lower Back Brace has a maximum width of 42 inches and is made of 100% latex-free material that is free from toxic and harmful chemicals for your skin and spine. This back brace functions efficiently to give you the flexibility of the spine while realigning your posture so that you can root out the core cause of your back pain. The magnetic Natural therapy it provides makes it one of the best back braces for remedying back posture problems.

10. Back Brace from BaX-u

A good back brace should offer support and comfort, which is exactly what Back Brace from BaX-u is made to offer. The brace has been created by professional doctors of chiropractic medicine to offer support to the people who have back problems, ensuring they get the relief that they need.

Better yet, this back brace has a lightweight design that enables you to wear it under your clothes without any problems. This makes it ideal for those who work in offices who may want a brace that will relieve the pains caused by the extended sitting periods, without it being noticed.

It is made using silk to give it added comfort. Also, it has been made and designed by doctors of chiropractic to give you the best quality and has been approved by Medicare, meaning that you can get a reimbursement of the money you spent on it if you find it not effective.

It is one of the contenders for the best back brace as it offers back pain relief considerably.

11. NEW DESIGN Lumbar Back Brace

best lumbar back brace
When suffering from a health problem, everyone looks for a product that is approved by physicians and medical professionals. That’s why the manufacturers of the NEW DESIGN Lumbar Back Brace ensured that their back brace is approved by doctors. This support brace is highly effective in reducing the pain and numbness in the lower back region, injured disk, fibromyalgia, piriformis, surgery recovery, and lumbosacral.

It has been made using the Patented Honeycomb technology and therefore, it is extremely flexible and durable. This new lumbar back brace is perfect for the weightlifters, long distance drivers, those who spends most of their sittings, people who want back support, etc. It is also a perfect product for those who want to improve their posture, and people with sore lower back, pinched nerves, orthopedic problems, and pain emanating from lifting alignment.

Tips When Using a Back Brace:

– Carry you back brace when entering the airports: Do not wear it

– Wear larger and stretching clothes when wearing the brace on your skin. Tight clothes will make you feel uncomfortable.

– Immediately after a surgery operation, a back brace can help you stabilize the spine. However, you should confirm with your surgeon first.

– Have a second set of braces for when you wash the main ones.

– The front of your back brace should be near the navel while the back of the back of the brace should be on your lower back.

– If the back pain persists, see your doctor. Do not over tighten the back brace. Also, do not wear the support brace longer than 12 hours per day.

The Final Thoughts

There are other posture and support braces that you’ll learn about, but most probably they cannot match the support and quality the above top 10 best back braces offers. These back braces are the most reviewed and top rated in 2017. Therefore, if you need a back brace to relieve your back and shoulder pain, look no further.

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