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Intro To The Top 6 Best Led Light Bars of 2017 For Your Truck / Jeep / SUV


While you are behind the steering of your car, you always want to have the greatest experience and feel, and this is only possible if you have clear visibility of the road ahead. Clear visibility means safety for you and other drivers on the road, and that’s why you should have the best led light bars fitted on your car. A LED light bar is simply a short or long array of high-luminosity light.

The LED light is meant to supplement your car headlamps. It is used to aid in night driving, off the road riding as it helps you identify hazards, emergency lighting, and can assist to set up camps.

If you are looking for led light bars, we have compiled a list of the highest rated led light bars in 2017 to help you choose.

Lets Take a Look at Some of The Best LED Light Bars For The Money of 2017

Best Sellers:
Average User
Nilight Light Bar 20 Inch 126w LED
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Auxbeam 30″ LED Light Bar
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Rigid Industries 15231 50 inch
LED Light Bar
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)

Yitamotor 72W Led Light Bar
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Eyourlife 12 inch 72W Cree Led Light Bar
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

OPT Led Light Bar
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

# 1. Nilight 20 Inch LED Light Bar

best 20 inch led light bar

Nilight 20″ LED Light Bar

The Nilight 20 inch LED light bar may seem small, but it packs a hefty lighting. With an IP67 rating and a diecast aluminum body, the Nilight light bar is an ideal choice for drivers who are looking to go off-road.

This light bar is reasonably priced; it is relatively cheaper as compared to the high end led light bars. However, this doesn’t come at the expense of its quality as it offers flood beam that covers the ground beside having a solid construction. Most of the times, LED products coming from China are regarded as poor quality, but this one has stood out as one of the highest recommended led light bars. It has been made using high-quality materials, and the IP67 rating means that this led light bar is incredibly resistant to water and dust.

The combination of a 60-degree spot beam and 30-degree flood beam makes its light cover a lot of the ground in front of you to give you an incredibly clear visibility. The combination of these beams is standard for off-road use because of their bright nature that will enable you to see the hazards ahead.

The average lifespan of Nilight Light Bar is 30,000 hours which is implausible. If you are replacing halogens bulbs with this light bars, you will understand how enormous the difference is. They will last for a very long time if you take good care of them. They are far better in terms of heat output as they are far cooler than halogen bulbs, power efficiency as they require very little of it, and overall lifespan.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of regarding this light bar; it comes with mounting equipment, but like many LED light bars nowadays, it doesn’t come with a wiring harness, and you’ll have to buy that separately. Also, this light bar is strictly designed for off-road use due to its immense brightness. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used on the road, but you can confirm with your state laws.

Therefore, if you’re into off-roading and want to upgrade some old halogen bulbs for a better alternative, the Nilight Light Bar 20 Inch is a great choice. Its price is extremely fair, and the construction of this light bar is solid. The massive reviews from customers who have used this product is evident that it is efficient and long-lasting and therefore we highly recommend it to any driver.

# 2. Auxbeam 30″ LED Light Bar

30 inch led light bar

Auxbeam 30 Inch Led Light Bar

Auxbeam Led Light bars is great for off-road use and will light up everything in front of you. It will make you wonder why you have never gone for it before. It has been manufactured by Cree whose LEDs have gained a great reputation within the industry for being long-lasting and high quality. It has an incredible lifetime of 50,000 hours. You can consider this to be very accurate as products from CREE LED bulbs are quality.

They use minimal power, considering that it is a LED light, as compared to their halogens counterparts. Just like most of the LED light bars nowadays, you’ll need to purchase your own wiring harness as well as switches/relays to install this Auxbeam LED Light bar. The company sell the installation items separately. It comes with adjustable mounting brackets making it quite flexible.

This bright LED light bar has an immense brightness of 19800 Lumens which is no joke. If you are replacing your stock headlights or smaller light bar with Auxbeam LED Light bar, prepare to see great difference in your night time driving. The lights are positioned creatively with the floods on the outside to widen the ground that is lit up, while the spotlight is centrally placed to light up the ground in front of you. This combination helps you see the road in front in all dimensions.

This led light is rated IP67 which means it’s almost at the highest IP rating. Also, it has a solid construction of aluminum body which means that no dust can penetrate it and it’s nearly completely impervious to water penetration as well. This makes it perfect for off-road; a light bar for off-road use has to withstand moisture and physical damage, and Auxbeam does both.

Although not popular in the LED light industry, the Auxbeam LED light bar is one of the leading led light bars thanks to its durability, immense brightness, and high-quality. The only negative thing we could highlight is that it doesn’t come with wiring components to install and you have to purchase them separately. But overall, we can highly recommend this light bar as it is reasonably priced and has an excellent construction to fit virtually every vehicle.

# 3. Rigid Industries 15231 50 inch LED Light Bar

50 inch led light bar

Rigid Industries 50″ LED Light Bar

If you are looking for a durable light bar to accompany your vehicle on your off-road adventures, look no further as Rigid Industries has come up with this 50-inch LED light bar that suits your needs. Durable and sleek, this LED light bar is a perfect suit to meet your needs in different situations. This model utilizes Hyperspot technology patented by Rigid Industries, giving you a clear and bright view ahead. It boasts the best energy-to-light efficiency quotient on the market today, ensuring that 97 percent of the energy input is reserved for lighting.

Rigid LED lights also boast amazing polycarbonate lenses which offer optical transparency of glass without the risk of breaking during rough use. They are tough due to their solid construction featuring extruded aluminum casing. They weigh in at only 15 pounds, but this doesn’t mean they are not durable. The powdered coating applied on its casing adds to its longevity.

The lens, having been made of polycarbonate, makes it extremely scratch resistant and nearly unbreakable. The rubber front seal is fitted to each bar making this led light nearly impermeable to the elements thereby guaranteeing years of durability. The seal is guaranteed waterproof down to 40 degrees below zero and is held on with seven screws for every ten-inch stretch.

The Rigid light bar houses large heat sinks to keep the temperatures inside the bar down to manageable levels. The only threat to the longevity of LED lights is heat, and Rigid Industry has tackled this problem by housing it in over-sized heat sinks which will guarantee the longevity of your LED lights.

Rigid has made a reputation for their durable construction and this LED lights are no exception. The bar has a solid construction to withstand hard use.

This model is rated to run for amazing 50,000 hours. By mounting this lighting on your car will make sense in the end as it will offer maximum visibility to keep you and other road users safe. If you need an off-road adventure, you can rest assured that the toughness and brightness of these Rigid LED lights will take care of your visibility and roughness on the road. Their well-engineered casing ensures that they won’t fail you at inopportune times and leave you in the dark. The Hyperspot light configuration projects maximum beam in front making it look like a stadium of light in front of your vehicle.

Anyone who wants a serious off-road led light bars that will withstand hours of rough terrain and moisture should settle for the Rigid light bar. The only disadvantage of these lights is that you’ll have to purchase installation materials to mount it. Also, it is only suited for off-road use because of their immense brightness.


# 4. Yitamotor 72W 14 Inch Led Light Bar

14 inch LED Light Bar

Yitamotor 72 Watt 14″ LED Light Bar

The Yitamotor Led Light Bar is one of the cheapest led lights on the market today. Although not the brightest bulb, it offers longevity and great service. It works well on smaller SUVS and ATVs or any vehicle you feel like customizing it to. Being a US company, delivery is quick, and they offer full warranty for this product.

The only downside of this led light is that it is not brighter than the other led lights on this list. It weighs around six pounds, and its voltage varies from 10V to 60V. It has been designed in a manner that you lose some level of brightness to make up for longevity. It offers service for 50,000 when well maintained. It has an IP68 rating which means that you have a versatile light bar.

If you are looking for the cheapest option on the market that will offer value for your money, then Yitamotor 72w Led Light Bar is a good bet.


# 5. Eyourlife 12 Inch 72W Cree Led Light Bar

12 Inch Led Bar Lights

Eyourlife 12″ 72 Watt Cree LED Light Bar

Eyourlife has made its reputation by coming up with high quality led light that satisfies the needs of its users. It is one of the smaller manufacturers known for producing superb quality LED light bars with a very little web presence for their products other than 3rd party retailers. However, despite this, Eyourlife light bars are on high demand for on-road and off-road use as the motorist tout it as the brightest, highly affordable, and most durable LED light on the market today. Almost all the Eyourlife LED light bar reviews on Amazon are full of praises for this amazing led light. This led light bar comes with a two-year warranty, a little longer than most companies warranties. It has an IP67 rating which is quite amazing.

It is a little less bright than other led lights bars on this list, hitting 4,300 lumens but this means that it will last longer. It’s made to last for 50,000 hours. The eight rating on water resistance makes it more durable. It has the standard 6000K pure white color, but you’ll need between 10-30V DC power source in your vehicle. The manufacturer claims that this led light bar is Viking compatible, and therefore if you have an old Nord, you’re set.

By using the CREE LEDs, the brightest bulbs available, Eyourlife light bars do not sacrifice anything as far as brightness of their led light bars is concerned. However, in order to maintain their affordability, Eyourlife doesn’t include as much internal security in their packaging as most brands. For instance, the IP67 is a point lower than its competitors like Yitamotor and other companies.

A rating of IP67 still means that this led light can survive full submission in 3 feet of water, and the aluminum casing can protect the internal components against any mechanical damage coming from outside. This led light cost several times less than their competitors, meaning that even if you had to replace it severally, you’d still come out ahead. Their affordability coupled with the unbeatable brightness make Eyourlife LED light bar one of the most popular LED light bars on the market today.

Eyourlife LED lights are a perfect choice for drivers on a budget. Rather than opting for substandard, knock-off brands in order to get a better deal, purchase Eyourlife light bar to get a great deal and value for your money. It is affordable, durable, and bright.


# 6. OPT Led Light Bars

50 Inch Curved LED Light Bar

OPT Curved 50″ LED Light

OPT7 Led is made by a reputable company and is one of the most affordable besides being one of the top led light bars in 2017. It comes equipped with heavy-duty construction and powerful Cree LEDs that has made this light bar clock an impressive IP67 security rating. Despite its effectiveness and solid construction, the OPT7 Led light bars are relatively cheap than most led light bars you’ll find on the market.

The combination of its quality and affordability has made this lights extremely popular among many motorists today. Maintaining this combination has been the policy of OPT7 ever since their manufacturer grew tired of manufacturing quality lights at expensive rates and poor lights at lesser prices. By using the idea of stage lighting, the OPT7 manufacturer set out to remedy this problem in 2006, and since then, the company has never looked back.

Thanks to the unique combination of durability, brightness, and affordability offered by the OPT7 led light bar, the manufacturer has recently scooped an award as the best seller of automotive lighting on the market in 2015.

There are a lot of imitation light bars on the market today, and OPT7 are not one of them. In fact, OPT7 LED lights are high-quality lights than most of the LED light bars on the market, some of which are more effective than it.

CREE LEDs alone are worth the money and the construction of their products is on parity with other automotive lighting company. If you still doubting how great this LED light bar could really be because of its price, just read OPT7 LED light bar reviews on Amazon. Motorists everywhere have showered praise on these lights for their durability and brightness, proving that you can get a high-quality LED light bar at a cheaper price if you know where to look.

OPT7 has made it their policy to come up with high-quality light bars at an unbelievably affordable price and from the abundance of glowing reviews that it has received, we can say that this light bar is effective. The OPT7’s lights are comparable in durability and brightness to the best led light bar lights in the industry, yet their prices are far less. If you want value for your money, then OPT7 LED light bars is the right option.

LED Light Bar Wiring Diagram [ Extra Info ]


LED Light Bar Wiring Diagram

Why Do You Need LED Light Bars?

The most crucial car accessory for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts are LED light bars. These accessories make driving in rough and dark places safer and enjoyable as it produces enhanced light output, as opposed to the light produced by your car headlights. Therefore, if you want to purchase one for your car, truck, boat, or ATV then you may want to consider buying from the above six LED light. Here are the advantages of using the LED light bars over the ordinary lights:

1. They are more powerful

The traditional halogen bulb are not as powerful as LED light bars. LED are extremely effective and thus brighter and better illumination for several hours. This is the main reason why LED lights are replacing the traditional lighting equipment in several places including car lighting.

2. They are energy efficient

LED lights are not only reliable and highly durable but also consume less energy. This enables them to last longer. They produce low amounts of heat, and this can be attributed to the fact that they do not rely on the filament to emit light, it isn’t heated to extreme temperatures during use. With LED lights, the risk of burning the lights and damaging the lighting system of the vehicle due to overheating is automatically reduced.

3. They improve night vision

Installing LED light bar is not for show off as many people think. They also have important benefits other than showing prestige. They illuminate the road ahead so that you can get a better view of what is ahead of you. In effect, they can provide better night vision because of their wide coverage. Besides, the fact that you can place them higher than the regular car headlights makes it easy to see clearly even in the darkest places such as riding off-road.

4. They are available in different models

For those who want more than simple light bars for their cars, there’re some great designs of LED lights including the curved ones that you can use on your car. Curved LEDs have an enhanced design as compared to the regular light bars. Their ergonomic design offers perfect and seamless fitting for your car. Irrespective of whether you will install it on the roof of your 4WD or the bumper, it will definitely improve the exterior look of your vehicle.

5. They are made using solid housing

Installing great light bars for trucks and cars is worthless if they do not come with a reliable and sturdy housing to safeguard the internal components. Luckily, all the above led light bars are fitted with solid housing ratings that are water and dustproof. They make a perfect addition to night vision and off-road vehicles since they are tough and can stay exposed for a long time without getting damaged by knocks and dust.

6. Some have 3D reflectors

There are other models that have 3D reflectors to improve the capability of the lighting system to generate more light. As compared to the ordinary light reflectors, 3D reflectors enhance the efficiency of extracting light from LED bulbs. This makes lights to have wider irradiation, besides producing brighter and more intense light.

7. Apart from white, there are other several color variants

While traditional lights are available in only white and yellow color, LED lights can come in different variants of different colors. You can get them in green, blue, red, green, and many more colors. Thus they’re emerging as a perfect choice among the architects and interior designers. You can also request for a customized led light for your car.

8. They are eco-friendly

Other car lights are made of hazardous materials such as carbon and mercury, and these materials can have adverse effects on the environment. Traditional bulbs have a housing made of glass which can break easily. On the other hand, LED bulbs are not made of carbon or mercury and their durable structure give them a winning edge over the normal bulbs. This makes them eco-friendlier than traditional bulbs.

The Bottom Line of The Best LED Bar Lights

Ensure that your light is legal and if you’re not certain, ask a mechanic or someone who is conversant with law. The regulations for LED light bars vary from state to state. You may need light covers to comply with state regulations regarding these lights.

If you need LED light bars for on-road and off-road use, then the above led light bars in 2017 should be your ideal option as they will withstand rough condition and offer you tremendous visibility even in poor weather conditions such as snow or rain storm.

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