5 Best Shoulder Support Braces For Men & Women 2018

Introduction To Shoulder Support Braces

People choose to wear shoulder support braces for a variety of reasons. Some use them in the recovery from an accident, while others wear shoulder support braces to prevent them from slouching when working on a computer. Shoulder support braces can also help to ease back, neck, and shoulder pain or to deal with problems such as kyphosis, lordosis, or other spinal curvature issues.

The Shoulder Is One of the Most Movable Joints in the Body

Apart from the hip, the shoulder is the most movable joint in the body, allowing 360 degree rotation. The shoulder’s mobility is of utmost importance, however, is can also lead to a variety of injuries, particularly for athletes. Many opt to simply put up with the pain and play on where they should actually stop or in situations when a shoulder support brace could prevent serious injury.

The Most Common Shoulder Injuries Are:

  • Rotator Cuff Problems: The muscles and tendons around the shoulder, also known as rotator cuffs, can tear.
  • Dislocation: The upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder socket and must be put back.
  • Stretched or Ruptured Ligaments: The ligaments connecting the collarbone and shoulder can be overstretched or even torn in a fall or on high impact.
  • Bursitis: When the fluid sack between the bones, tendons, and muscles gets inflamed you are suffering from bursitis.

Benefits of Wearing a Shoulder Support Brace

Doctors and physiotherapists are recommending shoulder support braces to athletes, injury sufferers, and others with shoulder, back, and neck problems. The benefits are said to be multifold and include:

  • Support: A supported limb is likely to recover faster as the movement is curtailed and further injuries are less likely. The pressure provided by braces can also contribute to the reduction of swelling and inflammation. Supported muscles tend to get better rest and heal more quickly.
  • Compression: Tight fitting shoulder support braces put pressure on the muscles and bones, causing receptors on the skin to send messages to the brain about the correct position of the shoulder. Research has indicated that the wearing of shoulder braces is helpful in dealing with unstable shoulders. Over time, the body “learns and gets used to” the correct position.
  • Protection Against Injury: Shoulder braces prevent movement and protect against further straining an injured shoulder.
  • Posture Control: The best shoulder support braces also work toward correcting the wearer’s posture and maintaining a healthy spinal curvature.

Choosing the Right Shoulder Support Brace

While some experts recommend a generic brace, others carefully choose specific braces to suit each client’s needs. In some ways, finding the right shoulder support brace involves a process of trial and error until you have found a brace you find comfortable. We have reviewed the most popular shoulder support braces, outlining the benefits and advantages as well as possible draw backs.

Some of the braces are mainly suitable to correct your posture, while others are designed to aid in the recovery from a shoulder injury.

VOELUX Shoulder Compression Support Brace for Men and Women 

This is another one-shoulder support brace designed to protect the shoulder and aid in the recovery from injury.


  • Speedier Recovery from Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries: This compression support brace provides pressure to increase the blood flow to the injured area and thus helps to speed up the recovery process.
  • Adjustable Straps – Suitable for Men and Women: This brace can be worn on either shoulder, and the convenient straps allow both women and men to fit it comfortably on the injured shoulder. The straps are comfortable and do not cause excessive pressure or abrasions.
  • Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day or Night: This shoulder support brace can easily be worn around the clock without causing any kind of discomfort. The movements of the injured shoulder are sufficiently restricted while still allowing some flexibility.
  • Easy to Adjust Sling: The shoulder brace is kept in place by a comfortable strap running under the uninjured arm. Suitable for use after stroke, tendonitis, sports injury or for arthritis sufferers.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it and get a full refund (terms and conditions apply).

This shoulder support brace has been voted among the top products of its kind, scoring five stars across the board.

Our Verdict:

We would recommend this product to anyone who has suffered a shoulder injury. The support is great, it’s comfortable to wear and provides immediate relief. I was able to cut down on painkillers straight after starting to wear this support brace. Having suffered from injuries on both shoulders, I found it extremely convenient that you can wear this brace on either side.

NEO G Shoulder Support Unisex Brace

This shoulder support brace is suitable for use during the recovery period and is often used initially after coming back to sporting activity after injury. It’s easily adjustable and suitable for men and women.


  • Eases the Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries: Covering the entire shoulder and a large part of the upper arm, this comfortable-to-wear brace is particularly suitable for those suffering from a rotator cuff injury.
  • Provides Great Stability: Though soft and comfortable, this support brace delivers optimum stability, even during sporting activity.
  • Unisex: The supporting strap runs under the uninjured arm and can easily be adjusted. This strap can be worn on both sides and is suitable for women and men.
  • Support During Sporting Activity: This brace is fantastic for use on a newly recovered shoulder when returning to play. Those with weak, arthritic, or injured shoulder will get great comfort and stability from this shoulder support brace.

With a consistent 4-star rating, this brace is great for those wishing to wear shoulder support during sporting activity.

Our Verdict:

I actually played a game of tennis while wearing it and found it to provide excellent support for an injury-prone shoulder. It’s comfortable to wear and still delivers plenty of protection and stability. I would recommend this shoulder support brace to anyone wishing to play sports with a weak shoulder.