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Introduction To Foot Spa Baths

using a foot spa bathWe take great care of our skin and invest dozens of dollars in skincare products, yet we never seem to give our feet the attention they deserve. We spend most of our daily lives on our feet – walking, standing, and sometimes running. They practically carry the weight of our bodies, and how do we reward them? Well, we put them in uncomfortable shoes for hours on end.

At the end of each day, our feet need rest and care, and foot spa baths can provide that.

The Many Benefits of Foot Spa Baths

Because our feet are home to nerve endings, their proper massage will alleviate headaches and migraines. Foot spa baths help release the tension from muscles and joints, and will also improve blood circulation. Regular foot spa treatments with seaweed are proved to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

Foot spa baths also play a major role in helping the body release toxins. By detoxifying our feet properly, we will also detoxify kidneys and liver, which will help maintain the pH balance in our entire body. This is also beneficial in treating acne and wrinkles, as well as strengthening our immune system.

Why You Should Own a Foot Spa Bath

Treating your feet to a foot spa package just once will cost you anywhere between $60 and $200. Foot spa baths provide all the comfort and benefits of a proper foot spa treatment at merely a fraction of the cost. With a foot spa bath all your own, you can end every day with a soothing treatment that will help you relax and get some well-deserved rest at night.

We have selected six best heated foot spa baths currently available on the market to help you find the perfect one for yourself or someone you know.

#1 Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa Review

best foot spa bathDr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa is one of the cheapest models on the market that offers a lot of the features you would expect to find in a foot spa bath. This set doesn’t have an advanced water heating feature, so you will need to fill it up with either preheated water or hot tap water. However, once you pour in the water and get it to your preferred temperature, you can expect it to stay warm for at least 20 minutes, which is more than enough for a quality foot spa bath treatment.

Rather than having a massager on both sides of the tank like more expensive models, this foot spa bath comes with one fixed roller massager in the middle of the unit. It is positioned high, so you will have no problem massaging even the arches of your feet. There is a nice bubbling effect that allows for a soothing treatment, and the machine is not too loud, so it won’t distract you as you’re relaxing.

You can add some Epsom salt to your bath for a better foot spa experience. Because the unit is shallow, you should put an appropriately sized towel underneath it to collect all the water that may splash during the process. It is designed for feet no larger than size 12. The model retails at about $25, and comes with a five-piece pedicure set, as well as a removable pumice stone that will help soften your heels.

#2 Conair FB52K Hydrotherapy Foot Spa Review
best hydrotherapy foot spa bath

Conair FB52K Hydrotherapy Foot Spa, also known as the “Waterfall Spa,” is easily the most popular foot spa bath for home use. Retailing at merely $32 and offering pretty good quality for the price, this is a smart choice if you don’t want to spend too much money on a foot spa bath. It is not without its shortcomings, which we will also highlight here, but let’s look at the positives first.

This model is commonly known as the “Waterfall Spa” because it has a cool waterfall feature. When it’s activated, the water flows gently across your toes and helps your feet relax. Laid at the bottom of the tank are two removable massage rollers. In addition to this, you get three attachments: a pumice stone, a brush, and a soft-touch massager. You can use them while you’re at the foot spa bath, or separately.

Advertised as “tranquility at your feet,” this is a beautifully designed unit. The color blue in the design reflects the color of the LED lights positioned under the water. Sure, these lights don’t physically add to the quality of your foot spa bath experience, but they have their purpose.

With dimmed lights in the room, these blue rays coming from under the water will make you feel as if you are in an actual spa. When you’re using a foot spa bath, you want to be as relaxed as possible, and this little touch of originality will help you achieve that.

Now, this set has two important downsides, but they shouldn’t be deal-breakers at this price point. Although advertised on the packaging, the water heating feature is really subpar. You have to pour warm water into the tank, but the problem is that it cannot sustain the temperature for longer periods of time. The noise that this unit makes with the bubbles, the waterfall, and the heater on is quite loud, but you can always put some relaxing music on to get you “into the zone.”

#3 HoMedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Review

HoMedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro is a different kind of foot spa bath. As its name suggests, it is primarily intended for pedicure, but it is not short on massaging features, either.

Unpacking this unit, you will notice that it comes with four extensions: two pumice stones with different grits (gentle and coarse), a massage roller, and a cleansing brush. These extensions are attached to the “pedicure center” that lies on the top portion of the unit, above the water level. While you’re using one attachment, the remaining three rest under a lid in a neatly designed storage container at the top of the foot spa bath.

The heating feature is very reliable: it can heat water up to 98 degrees and maintain the temperature for as long as you want to use it. Three buttons in the back of the foot spa bath allow you to control the heat, the vibration feature, and the bubbles. You can also combine all three features to your preferences. There are also four removable pressure-node massage rollers, two on each side of the tank.

HoMedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro is actually a great unit, combining the benefits of a regular foot spa bath with additional features that allow you to take better care of your feet while massaging them. Feet up to Men’s Size 14 will fit comfortably in the tank. This model gets a bit loud with the vibration setting on, but putting some music on or turning up the volume on your TV set will help drown out the noise.

#4 Kendal MS0810M All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

all in one foot spa massagerMoving up in price, here is Kendal MS0810M All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager. Still fairly cheap (it currently retails at about $70), this is a very comprehensive model that brings together many features which help improve your foot spa bath experience. The water heating feature not only warms up the water once you pour it in, but it also maintains the temperature throughout the treatment.

The floor of the foot spa has small plastic bumps to give your feet an acupuncture-like massage. To provide a more thorough treatment, this model comes with two removable massaging nodules, as well as a set of rolling heads on the top of the unit designed to massage your heels. Integrated in the unit are jet streams, four red lights, the vibration feature, and the bubble feature.

You can add Epsom salt and oils to your bath water, but because the tank is not that deep and the bubble feature is there, don’t add anything that will produce additional bubbles (like soap or shampoo), as the container might overflow.

The set is made entirely out of plastic and the packaging says it is intended for feet up to Men’s Size 14. We have tried it, and while it is true that it can fit size 14 feet, you may find that there’s not enough room for your feet to breathe. Make sure you try it out before you buy it or your return window expires.

While this is an excellent and very popular foot spa bath, you are not given an option to adjust each individual feature to your preferences. Instead, there are three predefined settings you can choose from: V+L (vibration and light), H + B (heat and bubbles), and H + B + V + L (heat, bubbles, vibration, and light). This is not that big of a downside, as you will surely find one of these modes to be perfect for you.

#5 PIBBS FM3830A Foot Bath Massager Review

best foot spa massagerPIBBS FM3830A Foot Bath Massager may look as a no-frills sink (no points in the design department), but it’s a great and powerful unit that helps massage your feet and relax your entire body. It’s made of durable plastic materials and comes with a removable blue splash shield on the top of the bath, designed to prevent water from splashing and spilling across the room.

The water heating feature is incredibly efficient. You can pour in cold water and wait until it is heated to your preferences, but make sure you check it often, because it gets really hot really fast. You can maintain the water temperature throughout the treatment by turning the heating on and off. Seriously, the water heats up much faster than with any other foot spa bath we’ve tested.

The floor of the tank is contoured and has little bumps to enhance the exfoliating process during the massage. This model comes with three basic settings: vibrating massage, heat and bubbles, and heat, bubbles, and massage. This is easily the least noisy foot spa bath we have tried – even with all three features turned on, it still stays relatively quiet and doesn’t spoil the overall experience.

The unit also has four rubber bumpers on the bottom that help it stay firmly in place. The foot wells are approximately 11.5 inches long, so this model is not suitable for people with larger feet. Unlike some models, you are allowed to add Epsom salts, essential oils, and even soap or shampoo to your water.

While it may not look like a million dollars, PIBBS FM3830A Foot Bath Massager is one of the top foot spa baths available. Costing only about $80 dollars, it gives you everything you are looking for in a foot spa bath unit. It also sports a high quality water heating feature that you won’t find in other models, especially not at this price. Factor in how quiet it is even when working at full power, and you’ve got yourself an excellent foot spa bath unit to use at home.

#6 Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa Review

aqua jet foot bathRetailing at about $110, Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa is a slightly more expensive model, but it comes with many excellent features that will enhance your foot spa bath treatment. This simply designed unit has a built-in water heating feature, so you can pour in cold water and heat it up to 115 degrees in only a few minutes. By turning the heat on and off according to your preferences, you can extend the experience for as long as you want.

Two rotating jets with adjustable speed settings will help relieve tight muscles, increase blood circulation, and relax your tired feet after a hard day at work. There is a small and comfortable massage roller on each side of the tank. The removable pumice stone that comes with this set can be used while you’re at the unit, as well as separately. The tank also has a drain at the bottom for easier draining and sanitizing.

Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa is designed for feet up to Men’s Size 14. We were only able to identify two possible downsides to this model. First: the instruction manual warns you not to add anything to the water, so you are not allowed to use Epsom salts or seaweed. Second: the unit is powered by a three-pronged plug and the cable is not very long, so you will need to be seated close to the outlet. Luckily, a good and inexpensive three-prong extension cord will solve this problem.

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