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Introduction To The Highest Rated Car Radio Head Units

Although a car audio system doesn’t enhance your automobile performance, it can greatly enhance your driving experience. In fact, most car owners find their car sound systems one of the most important factors that enhance their experience on the road. There are different reasons most drivers are in the market for a new head system; some standard units do not have features that cater for music lover’s favorite musical medium. Other audio in-dash units may not allow for tonal variation and adjustment that matches an updated speaker system. You may be in need of an audio system that plays more musical genres other than a standard AM/FM radio. Whatever your reason for swapping out your car in-dash unit, there are many brands making car audio systems and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. But with our guide, you’ll be able to choose the right car radio head units.

So, What Are The Best Car Radio Head Units In 2017; Well, We Have Compiled Them For You;

Best Sellers:
Average User
Pioneer DEH-X6800BT Head Unit
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Pioneer FH-X731BT 2-Din CD Receiver with Enhanced Audio Functions
4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

Kenwood DDX373BT Double Din Monitor In-Dash Bluetooth DVD Receiver
3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)


Package: Alpine CDE-143BT Single Din Car CD Receiver With Advanced Bluetooth
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)

Kenwood KDC-BT562U CD Single DIN In-Dash Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7″ inch
3.3 Stars (3.3 / 5)

#1 Pioneer DEH-X6800BT Review

best head unitPioneer is a trusted company by many people thanks to their quality and reliable products that have lots of modern features and stylish designs. Pioneer, a reputable company that many people prefers, makes some of the best car sound components including head units and speakers. They have been in in the industry for a very long time, and they have definitely mastered the art of proving quality product that makes them remain relevant. Pioneer offers an array of various head units ranging from single DIN audio system to double DIN audio and DVD receivers. Their devices are well-engineered and pack a lot of features,

That said, if you are looking for a budget-friendly head unit, then Pioneer DEH-X6800BT is the best pick for you. It is one of the best single DIN audio systems at its price point. The DEH-X6800BT features a multi-segmented display with a LED backlight. Its dual zone color customization display allows for color customization of the on-screen text. It has 10-Level brightness control to allow you to adjust the brightness of the LCD.

Its sports Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also answer your calls without worrying about holding your phone when on the steering wheel. Additionally, the Pioneer DEH-X6800BT has a front-panel auxiliary input and USB input. To make the sound quality better, this car stereo system has an EQ 5-Band equalizer with seven preset tone settings.

Pros of Pioneer DEH-X6800BT

– Bluetooth-enabled hence it’s compatible with all wireless audio devices

– It comes with 5-band equalizer that as preset tone settings.

#2 Pioneer FH-X731BT 2-Din CD Receiver with Enhanced Audio Functions Review

best pioneer head unitOne of the best dynamic additions that pioneer has created is Pioneer FH-X731BT with Mixtrax and Bluetooth receiver. It allows you to choose from over 210,000 colors with ten brightness levels that make the display amazing.

It features a CD receiver that allows you to tune in both AM and FM to spoil you with choices. It has been built in MOSFET amplifier with high power of 14 watts.

For hands-free calling and audio streaming, it contains a built-in Bluetooth. It comes with Mixtrax that offers a DJ-inspired audio visual experience to make sure that you listen to your favorite songs non-stop so long as you have compatible devices.

The best thing about it is that you can play CD’s, CD-Rs and CD-RWs without mentioning USB memory devices. What’s more, it comes with advanced sound retriever that improves sound quality even from compressed music files.

It also features easy to use EQ band equalizer that has seven preset tone settings to ensure that you attain the ideal level of quality sound.

If you love the loud music, you’ll experience 3-level loudness to keep you satisfied. The low pass and high pass filters in the receiver make the sound even cleaner.

You don’t need to tune songs and stations manually while there’s a wireless remote control.

Pros of Pioneer FH-X731BT

– Wide collection of colors and brightness levels

– Has mixtrax for beautiful music.

#3 Kenwood DDX373BT Review

Do you want to elevate you mobile multimedia experience? Well, the Kenwood DDX373BT In-Dash DVD/AM/FM Receiver does that through comprehensive iPod and Android controls that work well with built in Bluetooth.

What ranks it among the best car radio head units is its bright 6.2″ touchscreen that comes with a simple menu interface making it very easy to use. What’s more, the touchscreen has color button illumination making it colorful.

It comes with a DVD /CD receiver with AM/FM tuner to ensure that you play what makes you happy. It comes with a built internal amplifier that can hold a whopping 22 watts RMS.

To ensure that you don’t lack music, it can play CDs, DVDs, and USB memory devices. To keep the sound in the right quality, it has a 5-band equalizer with eight preset EQ settings.

It also features loudness control, subwoofer level, phase and low crossover controls and high pass crossover control for speakers.

Better yet, the car read unit is compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls.

Pros of Kenwood DDX373BT

– Easy to use

– has a bigger colorful display

#4 Alpine CDE-143BT Review

Alpine CDE-143BT is one of the best single DIN head units on the market today. Alpine, like Pioneer, is a respected brand in the automotive industry and has made a reputation for making quality products. If anything, this car audio system should not be paired with a cheaper stereo system. Rather, it’s designed to work in combination with other Alpine equipment collection.

It gives you a classic look with a black/white LCD and volume knob; this makes them a top notch sound system. It boasts 20-25 watts RMS for each of the four channels and 50 watts of max power. It also comes with AUX and USB ports for charging your device and playing music.

You can use the Bluetooth Integration to play to music, make outbound calls and take calls. It has a simple to use layout, and you can easily adjust volume and switch different songs and stations at ease. It also has an EQ equalizer to enable you to adjust sound that you really want hear.

The Pros of Alpine CDE-143BT

– It has a high-speed advanced USB connection ports for connecting your USB sticks or iPod

– Offers a wireless audio system

– It has a seamless Bluetooth integration into your car operation system

#5 Kenwood KDC-BT562U Review

Founded in 1961, Kenwood is one of the reputable brands making best car stereo system on the market. Kenwood has made a name as a leading manufacturer of video and audio products for cars, home, and personal use. Its latest addition, Kenwood KDC-BT562U is one of the best cheap car stereo systems.

It’s a great investment for anyone who’s on a budget and looking for a quality single DIN head unit that packs loads of features.

The Kenwood KDC-BT562U comes with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming, and hands-free calling from Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also use the front-panel USB port to connect your smartphone to enjoy playlist directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone. It also comes with a front auxiliary input for connecting an iPod of a portable external music player.

This single DIN head unit also goes with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner meaning that you can play and control all your preferred radio station as you transverse the country.

As for the audio features, Kenwood KDC-BT562U features eight pre-set EQ settings, subwoofer level, 3-band parametric equalizer, and phase controls. In terms of power output, the Kenwood KDC-BT562U has an inbuilt amplifier that’s rated 22W RMS. The head unit also has three pairs of RCA preamp outputs which make it easier to connect outboard amps for those who would like to upgrade their car audio system.

The pros of Kenwood KDC-BT562U

– Fully functional and compatible with smartphones; both iPhone and Android smartphones.

– It has seamless Bluetooth connection that enables you to play music directly from your smartphone and take calls without handling your phone

#6 BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7″ inch Review

When it comes to credibility, BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7″ inch is no Pioneer or Alpine, but that doesn’t mean that this product is of poor quality. The best thing about this head unit is its sheer cost savings. As compared to other renowned car stereo system from reputable brands, BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7″ inch emerges as the cheapest of all. Besides being cost-friendly, this car audio system has tons of important features that make it stands out.

In terms of power, it has 85 watts at each of its four channels. It has an RMS rating ranging between 40-45 watts. This head unit also has a simple-to-use interface lit up with colorful LEDs. When its 7-inch LCD screen opens, you can listen to the radio or disk, and use hands-free Bluetooth to take calls or stream music. The front features are typically what you’d find on any single DIN head unit. It also has AUX, SD card, and USB ports for music. This is the best car stereo head unit for budget-oriented buyers.

The pros of BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7″ inch

– Bluetooth-enabled making it compatible with wireless audio devices

– Emits bright, colorful LEDs

– Offers wireless car listening experience

There you have them, the top car radio head units.

To Help You Choose The Best Car Radio Head Units, Here Are The Major Factors You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Your Unit To Avoid Ordering a Unit That Doesn’t Suit or Fit In Your Cars Dashboard;

a) Consider size- the chief among all the factors is the size of the unit. Head systems may vary in length and height, and therefore, buyers need to first measure their current in-dash units. All the car stereo systems are seven inches in width, and they come in two typical heights; single DIN and double DIN. Single DIN audio systems have a height of two inches while DIN units have four inches in height. Only on rare occasion can you find these heights different. Therefore, it’s important to know whether your car needs a single DIN or double DIN audio systems. You’ll only need to measure your audio in-dash to know the measurements.

b) Installation process- in most cases you can fit your car stereo at home using basic tools with care and patience. However, there are car radio head units that are a bit complicated and thus require to be installed by a professional. You need to check whether the car stereo is complicated to replace.

c) Sound quality- sound quality is definitely an important factor to consider. The costlier head units normally have great sound quality, but for the budget-friendly units, you need to confirm in the customer reviews.

d) Ease of use- when shopping for a head unit, you need to check the ease of operating the car audio system in question. You don’t need a complicated car radio head unit when driving. Choose a car stereo that’s easy to operate; with simple interface

e) Aesthetic factors- you also need to buy something that appeals to your eyes. Avoid purchasing car stereo that protrudes outside your dashboard as they won’t look good.

f) Available car stereo features- most car stereo systems come with loads of features. Some of the common features you’ll get in a head units includes;

Bluetooth phone connection to allow you to connect your phone to the car stereo. This enables you to also make hands-free calls via the microphone connected to your stereo. There are also Bluetooth car stereos that will synchronize fully with your phone, allowing you to play music wirelessly without even the Bluetooth connection. However, these are more advanced.

Smartphone connection allowing you to stream music from your phone through the Bluetooth connection. You can also use USB plug to play your music. This gives you a better sound quality when playing music.

Digital radio- all the stereo system we have recommended in this guide come with DAB or digital radio. DAB radio gives you access to a large number of radio stations as well as giving you a better reception. However, you’ll need a new aerial fitted to your car to enable you to receive DAB signal.

Auxiliary Jacks- this is a common feature in almost all car audio systems to help you connect to an external music player.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the car radio head units you’ll settle for will be dictated by several factors such as budget, personal preferences, experiences with previous models, ease of use, available features, among others factors. With all these considerations in place, you can be able to choose a suitable car radio head units from this list. We hope that you’ll find a suitable car radio head units from this list.